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Disaster Casualties Visualization Tool: Luxor hot air balloon crash: 2013

19 Dead Men and Women

on February 26, 2013, a hot air balloon crashed near Luxor, Egypt. The crash resulted in 19 deaths

This was a person. She had a bunch of tattoos. This was a person. He has a suit at the cleaners. This was a person. He played a lot of social card games.  He played World of Warcraft This was a person. She was a trivia master. She could fix anything. This was a person. She had tropical fish. This was a person. He had a lot of music on vinyl. This was a person. He just had the bandages removed from  plastic surgery. This was a person. She was left-handed. This was a person. He always brought reusable bags into the store. This was a person. He once robbed a bank. This was a person. She loved James Bond movies. This was a person. She  kept buying vegetables, even though they always just went bad in  her fridge. She was a trivia master. This was a person. She was a good dancer. This was a person. He knew how to get free satelittle television. This was a person. She loved fine dining. This was a person. He didn't have a family. This was a person. He wore a lot of jewelry. This was a person. He  dropped his work laptop last week, destroyed it and couldn't sleep for days. This was a person. He could fall asleep anywhere.

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Mouse-over body descriptions are randomly generated, intended to inject humanity into the raw number of dead. It cannot accurately represent the actual people who died in the tragedy.

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