The Roses at Belfast Rose Garden

Masquerade, Golden Slippers, Orangeade, Garvey, National Trust, Kerryman, Arther Bell, Adolf Horstmann, Alec's Red, Diorama, Isobel de Ortiz, Superstar, Red Devil, Shannon, Uncle Walter, Yellow Pages, Shiralee, Alpine Sunset, Grandpa Dixon, Milord, Rumba, Evelyn Fison, Elisabeth of Glamis, Sliver Jubilee, Keburg, Royal William, Samaritan, Skaggarak, Adare Roach, Red Gold, Laughter Lines, Peer Gynt, Alexander, John Waterer, T.V. Times, Silver Lining, Glenfiddich, Kalahari, Chanelle, Silent Night, Wendy Cussons, Timothy Eaton, Typhoon, Chicago Peace, Lady Sexton, Pania, Red Gold, Pink Favorite, Earest H. Morse, Brasilia, Troika, Paddy McCreedy and Queen Elizabeth.

My favorites were Rumba, Skaggarak, Laughter Lines, and Red Gold. Eric Tara Last updated August 7, 1999.
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