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Tier 8 Paladin
Andy "Guido" Kimble

Blizzcon 2009

Valeera Sanguinar
Jo-Jo Chen

Blizzcon 2009

Mother Shahraz
Christina Estrada

Blizzcon 2009

Draenei Shaman in Skyshatter Regalia
Brian Morris

Blizzcon 2009

Mistress of Pain
Lorraine Torres

Blizzcon 2009

Non-large, yet awesome

Iron Man
Russell Walks¤t=flip-finish4.jpg

20-sided die

Green Army Man

Lord of the Rings: Helm of the Witchking

from "Blind Squirrel" out of Arizona.
Great build log of this and many other projects. Builds real-life replicas of swords from video games and anime.

Hole Through
Evan Booth

Death Becomes Her (inspired by the "Hole Through" costume)
Nicole Magne

Great build logs on her site, with video.

Girl with Hair Ribbon (Roy Lichtenstein Painting)
makeup designed by Karin Stone

Designed for a MAC makeup halloween exhibition

Cerebus Dog
Cerebus Dog #2
Other Resources
Sasha V's boot-covering tutorial

Chris Lee's Vacuum Form Machine
Digitigrade Leg Extensions

From Kim Graham Studios

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