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Looming on the build list were a number of C-ticket rides. Creating these miniatures wasn't going to be as fun or satisfying as crafting the iconic rides such as the Matterhorn and Small World. I'd have to be vigilant, as it would be tempting to half-ass this part of the costume.

I couldn't let go of this perfectly round clear plastic bundt cake shell, so I made it into the "Innoventions" building. The size fit my concept map perfectly: 10 inch diameter.

I've never actually been inside the Innoventions building, so I pulled this version from fantasy. I cut six round floors of foam core and stacked them into the clear shell. I cut long strips of colored construction paper and glued it to the edge.

It looked pretty good, very Disney futuristic, in my opinion.

The submarine voyage is another water ride, tucked right beside the black Tomorrowland roadway of Autopia. I needed a lake and some submarines. Air dry clay was my medium. I rolled out seven subs, or rather the top of subs, complete with conning towers.

I also molded a batch of simple roadsters for the Autopia exhibit.

Storybook Land Canal Boats
The storybook boats and Casey's circus train share a dumbbell-shaped chunk of land at the northern end of Fantasyland. It was surprisingly difficult to find good pictures of this area, despite the fact that these rides are outdoors and wide open. I consulted the Google maps rendering of the intersecting pathways.

The Storyland canal follows a long, thin oval of water within the railway berms of casey's circus train. This was kind of a genius move, because Disney got two rides out of one batch of landscaping and eye candy. It doesn't seem possible, but encountering another form of conveyance on the trip enhances the experience. Their ride becomes a focal point of your ride.

To create these two rides I started with the basic, ground level layout and cut out the waterway. I would paint both the water and the landscaping, so I taped plastic film to the bottom where the water would be visible, then glued islands on top of it. The northern end of the oval is taller and supports the circus train. I may end up covering all of this in green modelling clay or fake grass.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Most of the indoor rides at Disneyland have a special exterior; the Small world facade, Space Mountain's snow white cone. Pirates of the Caribean is different. It doesn't lend itself to a miniature rendering on a model. My master plan-o-gram specified a pirate hat to represent this attraction, but when it came time to actually create the model, I opted instead to recreate the dual entry archways.
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