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Costume Complete!

Here it is! The completed Disneyland Costume!
Sleeping Beauty's castle is on my head. I've got Walt Disney and Mickey right in front of my mouth, and a great look down Main Street USA. Behind my head are the teacups, King Arthur's Carousel, Dumbo, the Storybook Boats, Small World and Toon Town.

To my right lay the Innoventions building, Autopia, the Submarines, the Astro Orbiter and the Matterhorn.

Can you see my nose in this photo? How about Monstro the whale?

It's going to drive me crazy to have my face so close to main street. Whatever they are cooking in Jolly Holiday smells fantastic!

The roller coaster animations in the Matterhorn, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain work well and aren't horribly loud. They are a bit subtle though, given the sheer size and volume of attractions featured on this costume.

You can click on the image above to load a larger version.

I love it! It isn't perfect. Space Mountain is almost invisible on the right, and with Splash Mountain weighing down the left, the costume is lopsided.

Hopefully I can get any bugs worked out by next Saturday. I'm going to try my luck at the costume contest on Saturday at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, California. Wish me luck!

Change of plans. I'm going to the Exotic Zone Ball at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

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