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Finishing Details

I had an artificial costume deadline of October 21st, so that the completed video could debut on the web while people were still in the halloween spirit. This also gave me a few more nights to polish up some details. For example, I painted the iconic mickey mouse face for the front of the train station. The green flower shapes were from Meaghan, a packet of Bride's table confetti.

I also got a chance to weigh the completed costume. It was 25 lbs. That's about the weight of an 19-month old child. Not too much at all!

When people asked "Is it heavy?" I replied "Not at first".

The kids helped finish up painting the base, and I was able to fix these submarines.

Splash mountain got a tree stump on top.

The "underground" Pirates of the Carribean scene was inserted into the side of the land mass.

Toon Town got its green hills and signage.

I also strengthened the way the three parts were connected, so that the buildings on the two wings would remain supported.

And finally, I sewed together a black curtain to hide the pipes and construction underneath. I sewed 10 or 15 velcro tab pairs to keep it in place, but the structure was too flexible, and this black curtain couldn't survive the rigors of a costume party atmosphere. I ditched it.

Finally, it was time to go to some costume contests!

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