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Work Contest

Win or lose, I was relieved the $5,000 contest was over. I had been a nervous wreck for several days beforehand, and the only contests left were the contest at work and on Halloween night.

I work at Intel in Folsom, California. It is a big campus, with thousands of employees, so a lot of people come to see the costume contest. The costume was a hit, and no pelvic thrusts were to be seen.

As a contract employee, I was not allowed to win the contest at Intel. Guy with a baby body in a crib illusion took first place. Mr. Potato head took second.

Finally, on Halloween night, I headed out to the Park Ultralounge for their $1,000 halloween costume contest. I met some Disney princesses in line, waiting to go in.

This was a medium-sized club, and the crowd loved, LOVED me.

The blonde drunk in the SWAT hat here tried to sit on the Disneyland costume, knocking some buildings off. The girl in the silver shirt was nice enough to put them back into place.

People were eagar to help me get around. As the club filled up, it got considerably more difficult.

Two guys bought me drinks. That's how much people loved this costume.

At around midnight, the costume contest started, so I made my way to the area next to the stage. The dance floor was absolutely jammed. It was impossible to move, taking 10 minutes to make my way to the side of the stage.

On stage, the crowd erupted for the Disneyland costume! I thought I had it won. No one else in the building could come close.

After my initial appearance onstage, Thunder Mountain and the haunted mansion flew off of the platform. Batman and Catwoman helped replace them onto the costume!

I'm not sure how, but I lost.

A Jack Skellington won first, a guy with God of War body makeup won second and that same couple dressed as Batman and Cat woman won third! I was out!

Jack Skellington was on stilts, but wasn't amazing or anything.
I think the guy in charge recognized me as the guy who won last year and didn't want me to win twice in a row. Also, the MC mistook my costume for "Sacramento". Ugh.

Sacramento has a river and a ziggurat, but it does not have a pink castle or a Matterhorn, making that a terrible guess.

I didn't win a thing! I was crushed. Can you believe it?

Contest results aside, I was really happy with the Disneyland costume. It actually came together as I had envisioned, I finished on time and the roller coasters worked all night. It was reasonably lightweight, and I didn't decapitate anyone while I was wearing it. That's a success in my eyes.

Also, I pretty much won the internet, and I love the internet.

Some of my costumes get chucked after the Halloween season, but I'm keeping this one forever, on ice in my underground cryogenic chamber.

The End!

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