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Main Street USA (Continued)

For the northernmost buildings, I wanted them to have five sides.

Measuring the roof panels against the walls.

Assembling the angled roof segments.

Dropping in a top panel.

And glueing it all together.

Here are three of them, unpainted, obviously. The black shapes on the ground are the placeholders from the full-size map.

Here are all six of the completed buildings. Awnings galore!

The entrance to Disneyland is through two tunnels under the Disneyland train station.

The amount of detail on all of the actual buildings at Disneyland is just absurd.

Here is my finished foamboard version.

To create a small model of Disneyland... or I guess a large model, I had to strip away a ton of details and just include the basic forms of each building. I was happy with how things were coming together so far, but I was starting to get nervous about all of the buildings I would have to paint.

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