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Dumbo (Continued)

Next I flipped him over and added a little tail.

On my third elephant, my technique improved a bit.

I needed eight, but I made eleven and threw out the three ugliest ones. The elephants ears and legs were actually supposed to be splayed out a bit, because hey, this isn't the walking elephant ride. They are flying!

This circle of pink construction paper was the circle from my plan-map.

The coin is in the photo for scale. These elephants could easily overpower a den of gummi bears.

The blue circle represents a ring of water on the ride.

Blue plastic tubes from Q-tips made be ideal elephant yardarms!

The center ball wasn't dry enough to support these elephants, so I built some little cardboard seesaw supports while it hardened.

Ah! This was really going to be cute! I'd love it if all the attractions turned out as bright and colorful as this Dumbo ride.

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