Fandango Costume

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For the next few days, every free minute was spent thinking about what to use for the facial features.

Candy corn seemed like it would make excellent fangs!

After deconstructing a flat-bottomed paper bag, I scaled up the proportions to begin making one of my own.

I cut long strips and glued them together. I figured this would look realistic, and I knew it would hold well, but I was not convinced that the paper alone would be strong enough to hold up in a crowd.

This is the same technique I use for building giant, oversized bows for gift autos.

I tried to take a shortcut where the bag bottom folded, but it became a big problem. My mega-origami is a little rusty.

With patience and a few paper patches, I had my giant paper bag! It looked great!

I had some more shopping to do before I could be started on my puppet face.

For my giant googlie-eyes, I used push lamps and Rubbermaid food tubs. The food containers weren't as transparent as I desired, but I thought I could make it work.

For the vampire shirt and cape, I bought a yard of white satin, two yards of red and three yards of black.

And June came along with me to find some cheap black spray paint.

She hates leaving Home Depot empty handed, so I bought her some safety goggles and a dust mask.

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November 8th, 2005.  

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