Fandango Costume

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What to use as a nose was a very tough decision. Remember, it had to be a big version of something small, which was halloween related.

I went with a scarab beetle.

I began building the bug by twisting together some strands of wire into a strong, but flexible armiture.

Next, I added newspaper wads and lots of masking tape to make a big insect ready for painting. The wire skeleton allowed me to shape and reshape the position of the legs until they were perfect for this creepy, crawly horror!

Aww! Who am I kidding! The little firefly was cute as a button and very huggable!

Michael's craft store had a thick, bright red foam sheet I planned to use for the lips, but I planned the shape using paper.

I folded it once horizontally before cutting so I would get a nice symmetrical shape.

After three tries, I had a nice shape for the lips, and cut them out according to my pattern.

Checking size with the half-painted candy fangs.

I didn't really have any idea how I was going to make the cape.

I wanted it to have a tall, upturned collar, like an undead Corey Haim, so I figured I'd use a bent pipe to hang it from.

Lacking a gas stovetop, and being wary of liberated PVC gasses, I moved the pipe-blowing process outside to the barbeque.  It worked like a charm. 

It is important to keep the pvc moving while it heats up, becomes flexible and begins to flop around like a dead fish.

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November 8th, 2005.  

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