Fandango Costume

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Once the PVC tube is warm enough, it will easily bend. I use a wet rag to cool the bent pipe, coaxing it into it's new shape.

Note the steam rising from the hot bend in this photo.

With two simple bends I had a nice collar shape for my bag-faced friend.

I rolled up two sausages of newspaper and masking tape to use as eyebrows. I would later add wire legs to transform them into millipedes.

No! Look out! Get away from there! Killer insect!

Trying out the collar. 

It was difficult to predict how flat the bag would remain while I was inside, with the puppet's mouth closed.

I tried on two occasions to pull the backpack rig into the bottom of the bag, but the plywood was difficult to control inside the bag. I had to fight to avoid tearing a huge hole through the paper.

I attempted to solve this by rounding the plywood corners and attaching a sheet of cardboard to cushion the plywood.

How could I avoid buying a can of yellow paint for the candy corn fangs?

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November 9th, 2005.  

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