More storm drain photos

Some birds with litter in a parking lot.

A storm drain choked with leaves and garbage.

Here is a view of a stream in South Sacramento, with a storm drain pipe opening into it. On the street above, there is a storm drain. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture both in the same photo.

Natural and unnatural debris in the gutter.

Baseball-fan antenna ball awaiting a watery grave.

Fish-shaped storm drain sign from Sausalito, California.

A sandbag and filter combination trying to stop crap from entering the storm drain system.

My brother Mike calls this type of broken glass "road diamonds".

Much of the trash in the gutters is collected by street-sweeper trucks, but they have a hard time maneuvering around parked cars. The city discourages parking on one side of the street for each day of the week.

This results in cleaner streets and zillions of dollars worth of parking tickets. I wonder if Sacramento city owns more meter-maid vehicles or street-sweeper trucks.

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Last updated May 21st, 2003.
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