The Golden Circle Diet

Bagels and Friselle Pugliesi.


Sliced Green Onions

And sweet and sour watermelon Gummi Os.

Since starting the diet, I've noticed dramatic weight loss. I didn't bother to weigh myself before starting, but I'm overjoyed by the results!

When my wife Stacy saw how easy it was, she also gave the Golden Ring Diet a chance.

She lost 20 pounds! And it seemed like it happened overnight!



I've received fantastic feedback from my online friends who have given it a shot.

Please take a moment and read their testimonials below!



I was one of the people that thought such a strange diet from a forgotten time could ever help me lose weight.

You have my permission to use the attached before and after photos of me.



Boy, when they say "Results not typical", they aren't kidding. This simple, fun eating system really was a Golden Ring. Thank you!







I must take the time to tell you how much I love your diet plan! After months of repeatedly forcing myself to not consume any more then necessary I realized that there must be a better way. When I heard about your plan I thought for certain that it was too good to be true, but a close friend informed me that he himself had lost AT LEAST 6 pounds on your system, so I was quickly convinced that it could work for me. Nowadays I eat as much as I want, and continue to lose weight at a steady level of about 3 grams a day! My Love life is increased and I can finally go out in public again! Thank you and your wonderful diet plan!

Robert Peterson, Age 18


After several weeks on the diet, I felt lighter on my feet and there was a new spring in my step. I have more energy and the scale definitely shows 
that my weight has decreased (ten pounds and counting!). There were only two explanations -- either the diet had worked or Newton's constant of 
universal gravitation had decreased. I'm pretty sure it's the former. Thanks for everything!

Mike T of Inglewood, California


I started using this system over 3 weeks ago, by that time I had tried just about every diet in the book. I've tried low carbs, no carbs, all carbs, 74% carbs, the zone, bulimia, the Atkinz diet, contracting a tape worm, all seed diet, no seed diet, and speed. None of these diets did anything for me, I was out of hope when I finally found this new and fantastic diet. Within the first five minutes of starting the diet I already felt the fat escaping from my body.
I lost over 136 mg in the first week alone. In the following week I steadily began to lose 79 g each day!!! By the third week I felt like the fat was being sucked out of me against my will. In one day I lost one entire ounce!!!!!!11 In total after 3 weeks I have lost over 4 ounces on this diet system. The most amazing thing is that I told my sister about the diet 2 weeks ago; she lost so much weight in the first day that her body just floated away and we have not heard from her since! This diet was the best choice that I've ever made in my life. Everybody looks at me differently now and I can't, at first, figure out why because I am still not used to being this thin! This isn't a diet, its a LIVE IT!!!!

Here are the photos to show my results:

"This diet is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. People had been telling me to go see a doctor, because I was dangerously overweight. That's when i decided started the diet. A month later, people were telling me I should see a doctor because I was dangerously underweight! It was amazing!"
--Alfonzo Beauregarde, Age 37


I followed your diet plan and it worked - and how! I have lost over 30 pounds, gotten back my girlish figure, and only had to dispose of 4 bodies.

I have never had a diet plan that made me feel so good about myself (or so ready to slit the throats of others!) Why just last night, my mother called to tell me that the warrent picture circulatin' round the news don't look a damn thing like me!

Thanks again!


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July 7th, 2005.  

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