Reader Feedback Week 2004

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I hope you recognize this. It's the new reader I just purchased on January 15th. I wonder if you could help me figure out why I am getting so much feedback from it when I plug it into my computer. Do you think the problem is from being to close to the display? I need to resolve this problem as I only have one week (Jan. 22nd would be the last day) to decide if I should return it or not. The problem can't be the way that I hooked up the cable. There were not any large attachments or anything, just a nice little USB connector which made it easy to hook up.

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi agan - I don't know why I'm bothering responding to your latest email, other than to tell you that I was one of the readers who ploughed through your recently received letters and emails and was pleasantly surprised to see that you had included at least some positive responses about the company. I wonder if you'll ever include my 'War and Peace' on your site?

In answer to your latest email (and it will be the last from me on this subject) I know that statistically more people quit Herbalife than succeed in Herbalife. The new leadership team is doing their level best to encourage and support all distributors in order to keep their retention levels - it's easy to quit and costs nothing, it's a lot harder to stay and work hard.

However, how many jobs have you ever had? Have you never started something that you thought you weren't cut out for? Didn't like? Hadn't got the will-power to continue? the determination or the belief that you could succeed? You'd be a surprisingly exceptional man if you hadn't. Herbalife is no different and it is not for everyone!

As I said before, working Herbalife business is not easy - it's simple and very enjoyable but it certainly isn't a get-rich-quick system and EVERY meeting I've ever been to in Herbalife has stressed this ad nauseum. If people can't then do the maths and go ahead and invest in things, such as computers, websites, expensive advertising, etc., etc., before they can afford to, then I'm sorry - that is not the fault of the company but themselves. Everybody in Herbalife starts off with exactly the same level playing field, exactly the same products at exactly the same price wherever they are in the world where we have a license to trade and has exactly the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else and if they don't succeed, then it's down to them.

Amen for Herbalife that's all I have to say.

Regards - Joan Woodcock (UK)

which is better
homemade cake or cake mix in a box??

What you see below are not see-thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible and they are the current rage in Japan. At least you could choose what sort of "rear end" you'd like

1)       my sister and her frog friend.

2)       a rabbit wearing a pancake.

3)       an odd picture of me.



Hey Rob --

Your website has the drunken geekiness I've always

admired. Awesome work!

We have Dominick's out here in Chicagoland, which is

owned by Safeway. I think the card should be the same

though. If so, I'd be happy to be added to your clone

army.  Thank you again for your hard work on the

website, and look forward to joining the army.


I am a somewhat boring person so I have no swell

things to say. I do want to see this email up on an

honest-to-gosh webpage so I thought I would write you.

Thanks, Rob, for doing such an entertaining website.

Sites like yours are truly what the Spirit of the

Internet is really about.


How do you get the toothpaste out of the jar?.. Is it a dunk your tooth brush in the jar and get as much as you can?... or is there an applicator?



When are you going to settle down with and get married to that nice girl Ambur? You know, the one that you obviously have intimate feelings for.




Hey Rob,

                I thought the feature you did on the best gas prices in your town was great. But thereís something Iíve been wondering for a while. Why do the gas prices change so often? Sometimes twice a day! I havenít seen any product out there that does that... except maybe lobsters. Anyways, just wanted to say your site is like a fresh breeze blowing on the back of my neck while I check to see if youíve updatedÖ no wait, thatís the breath of all the people that start reading it over my shoulder as soon as I laugh at whatever your most recent feature is.


I must say I have been inspired by the site. I haven't been a long term reader, I frequent it often now. Your crazy antics and willingness to bring your camera everywhere have led to me realizing how cool pictures are and I have done some of the same. also, my girlfriend is enamored with you and likes to imagine about your love life. is it brooke? ambur? who knows, but the whole crew sure is cool! I anxiously anticipate any and all future updates. 

sincerely, jeff

my reaction to first visiting the sixth best website on the internet:

Hi Rob,

love your site!

Somewhere in the original front page link to the Hans Blix fan page, or maybe the auctions for the Iraqi Ultimatum or the key for the downed US helicoper, you mentioned that if the US didn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, you were going to work to defeat President Bush in the next election. I hardly need to mention that none were found, but a properly constructed paragraph requires me to. Given your history of tearing down ugly work-from-home signs, can we expect you to tear down Bush signs in the Sacramento area as the election gets closer? Or do you have bigger plans?

I'm not trying to turn you into a stodgy political site, so please keep the funny updates coming.

A fan in D.C.

Nothing exciting to say, except that I regularly keep up with your site.
It's great.
I would like to hear your feedback on my site:
Keep up the good work! -BT
I just wanted to write a brief message congratulating you on your wonderful website.  I've been a devotee for about 2 1/2 years now, and feel that is that special website that I would enjoy sharing my golden years with.
Also, please accept my sincere thanks for acknowledging QMI H-1 Food Grade Grease in your "How Much Is Inside Popcorn" segment.  QMI is located in Ava, MO, just down the road a piece from my hometown of Springfield, MO!  Your selfless publicity has really put this oft overlooked area of the country "on the map," so to speak.  Thusly, I've spent my spare time lobbying with Ava city fathers to make October 19th. official "Rob Cockerham Day."  If things go as planned, a parade (featuring you as Grand Marshal!) through downtown Ava will be held annually.  I've also been working on getting you an honorary key to the city, to be presented at the planned gala banquet following the first parade next fall! 
Again, I thank you and Ava thanks you!
Jonathan W. Hoyt
Springfield, MO
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February 23, 2004.  

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