Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Since I saw the link in both Wired News and Salt Lake Tribune, I've enjoyed the many visits to your site. The crazy stuff you do is very entertaining and it's a fun site to visit when work gets boring (which happenes often). A special thanks for your HerbalLife poster research and articles. These posters are up all over, including several on my corner telephone pole, which get taken done within a day or two of being put up.

Keep the cool stuff coming. I'm out here reading.

Marty Mankins

Salt Lake City, UT

You have become the new guy that I would have done reports on as being my role model or the guy I'd bring in and say "This is my Dad, he does this and this".  You'd be that guy for me like 15 years ago.  Now you have become the guy whose website I force others to go to.  I found you through looking at the Webby awards this fall, after seeing that my online banking website won an award.
Seriously, you have had a profound effect on my outlook on anything.  I now strive to have a group of friends as cool as the ones listed on your staff page.  I aspire to do or be a part of a group that is half as creative as you and document my journeys, findings and general nonsense on a website, like yours.  But, I don't want to copy you.  I don't want to be you.  I in awe of you.  If I moved out to California I would do whatever it took to take part in your antics.  Rob, thank you for the joy and inspiration your site has given me.  Pule.
Since it's reader appreciation week, I thought I'd let you know how much I like your site. 
Your updates are the highlight of my work week.  I wish your site had 100x the content it did, to keep me busy on slow days.  All your girl-friends are attractive too,  makes me wish I lived in Sacramento.  Keep up the good work.  You're a genius.
Aaron Mattern


Oooh, I'm excited!  What's it going to be??  I can hardly wait to find out!
 Thanks for the postcard!


Dearest Rob and the Cockeyed crew!!

You guys are the best. keep up the good work. I have a terribly boring mundane job and cockeyed is the only thing keeping me sane. That and the drugs!!! Ok well, then... Take care. Feed the Chickens. Look Both Ways.

Live to the Fullest.

Your loving cup,

Dr. Jones.

ps. I know it's only the first day of reader appreciation week but i really really (really) hope you put this letter on your website! I have never been on the worldwide super-internet highway and my mother would be oh so proud. Thanks. again. (if not, that's cool too, just not as cool)



Since it is reader feedback week I hope you will answering my question.

This is my question: How much is in a box of wine?

Thank you for your consideration,


Indianapolis, IN


May name is Matt Rydberg I do a morning show in Knoxville TN on Wild 987.

Iam interested in seeing when I could get an interview to discuss the tatoo removal idea on your site.

Let me know please. 

Matt R



Heya Rob!
I just found out about your site from a link on  I have to say, you're site fucking Rocks!!!!!!  Keep it up!  You're the man!
Tony Chan
Hey Rob -
Your toothpaste in a jar is running up a lot of bandwidth due to the images being placed on other sites.
(would you believe an extra 5Mbps?!)
we're going to make a low image size .gif file that will come up in place of any image that does not show or as the referrer.
The image will state - "To view this image, visit".
Heya Rob,

This is Bryn, the guy that is working on the house down the street (I bought soap dispensers). This is probably not a good time to write, 'cause I see you got FARKed again. Oh well.

The soap dispensers are working great. I bought a large standard soap refill, and at our current household use, I estimate we'll use it up sometime in 2007...

The reason for my writing is that I am interested in finding out how much is inside Super Glue(tm) (or other discount brand of cyanoacrylate adhesive, such as Krazy Glue(tm)). It may or may not be possible to find out how many men in hard-hats you can suspend from a steel girder, but I'm sure you could come up with something. I personally use the wood-working versions of CA glue, which generally requires the use of an accelerator. It says "for industrial use only" on he bottle, so I guess you're not supposed to use it for hobbies, although you can buy it at hobby stores. 

I expect you may have some experience with the wood-working variants of the glue, what with doing various projects, but if you are not familiar, there are different thicknesses of the glue for different applications. The thicker stuff is "gap filling" and the thinner stuff flows into cracks better. I learned about the glues working in a music shop repairing guitars. Some tips and fun information:

-The glue has poor shear strength but has a high "pull" strength.

-You can buy a Nitromethane based remover to soften or dissolve the glue.

-No matter how cool you would look at the Star Trek convention, do not use the glue to glue the top part of your ears together to make vulcan ears. Your ears will start to cramp and hurt after a couple of hours.

-If you do glue your ears into points, make sure that you have a Nitromethane CA glue solvent with you so you don't have to drive all over town with your ears pointed, looking for a wood-working shop that carries the solvent and making you miss the open forum with William "Capt. Kirk" Shatner and Leonard "Mr. Spock" Nemoy...


Hello, rob, this is an avid fan of  I wish to ask you this question: do you preform your poppy-cockery anywhere near La Canada or Flint, in california?  My aunt lives there, and i sometimes visit.  i would be very much pleased to see some of the famous antics of rob cockerham.
If these clever pranks are within 30 minutes or so of the cockeyed base of operations, please send me the adress of one of your pranks.
Hey, how about a how much is inside peanuts or maybe pistachios? Cost per pound shelled and unshelled, and which is a better buy. Thanks for the bacon how much is inside. I learned that bacon bits are a better buy and now it's the only thing I use to feed my lobsters. Lobsters Luv bacon. Hope this isn't too large.
Your site makes me happy and tingly all over. I'm considering asking if it wants to come stay in my spare bedroom.


havent been on yohoho have ye? HArr. Hope ur good, its freakin cold in CT.

i like your website, rob
especially the "how much is inside adventures"
julie from boston
Dear Rob,
    I believe I've read everything on your site. It's absolutely hilarious and interesting. I would like to thank you for filling countless hours of my time which could be spent doing productive activities (like sleeping). I am dissapointed I missed my chance at getting a postcard from Mars. My favorite parts of your site are the ebay sales and the science club episodes. The "how much inside?" and "incredible creations" are in a very close second. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for reading this,



So I'm a big fan of old Minis (Coopers, Austins, Morris's, i.e. the British cars), but I've never yet been able to afford one.  So I'm looking at the Classifieds on  And I click on one for a 1973 Mini Van in Georgia, just to check it out.  

And there is a link to another site for pictures, so I follow it.  But the classified ad says "please disregard the other website content."  Which of course piques my interest.  

So it is "The Official Website for Sugar Muffin and Silky."  "So I click "About"... "Just Who are the Elusive Sugar Muffin and Silky?" ...  "They live in Georgia and like to make things with their bare hands just like the pioneers."  Okay...

"Home" says welcome to our Craft site, and has a "kewl linx" link.  

Which includes: "Rob Cockerham is crafty!  Check out his experiments and the cool stuff he makes."

Which I in no way need to do, 'cause I am completely in love with your work.  And it freaks me out completely to link around so circuitously to you.  So you dominate my world.

And I see you intend to recognize or display every email this week, and this is one, but maybe I'll try to compose something cooler to add to the collection, this only comes during the email thing by coincidence.


Hi Rob!

I'm a fan of your fantastically interesting site. It tells me essential facts of life, such as clever pranks to pull when I am bored and also how much a roll of paper towels can absorb. So wonderful! I'm a lso willing to shamelessly plug my own site...(If that's OK with you)

You've really funny, Rob...Keep on keeping on.



oops this was part of the other mail lol


` ` J

PS I love this song and the band, check it out. :# [tenatious D attached]

Hi Rob,
Reader email week?
Gerat!! Really enjoying the mugs, and we had a great year here down south of you.
Well, gotta get to santa anita and watch my horse run.
Here are a few pix of this fall's harvest. They've been smalled down for quick recovery.
We'll be in the Sacramento area for the fair meet with a few of our race horses again this year.
later, trackdog


Hey Rob,

Attached is a neato picture of I took of the aftermath of the snow storm in

Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday. It's on South University looking east to

East University downtown. Oh, and thanks for the Mars postcard!

- Aaron



Hey Rob,

I read that this is reader feedback week.

My feedback?


I also rock (and my names is also Rob)

I've attached a picture of me rocking out.

Peace out!

Hey Rob,

Did you realize that Johnny Cash (The Man in Black) died on the same

day that I bought a black cowboy hat from you on ebay?

I don't think we can be held responsible, but please wield your power


On a positive note, your hat has inspired me to become a rugged,

macho man - just like you!

Take care, BT

Brian Thompson -


P.S. Spooky coincidence or coincidental spookiness?

Decide for yourself:

Black Stetson Cowboy Hat size 7 half pule

Ended: Sep-12-03 14:03:58 PDT

'Man in Black' Johnny Cash dead at 71 - Sep. 12, 2003

Auto Section Editor,
I don't see what's so hard to grasp about the Phaeton. I have no trouble making "the brand leap of faith" to VW luxury. To illustrate: Last year my girlfriend and I shopped for hew new car. She had $20k to spend.
Focus: nice, too many recalls.
Corolla: not enough standard equipment.
Echo: Thin, buzzy.
Sentra: Nice chassis, ho-hum interior.
Lancer: Japanese dull.
Elantra: too heavy yet still unsubstantial. GT styling too Renault.
Civic: bare-bones till $20k.
Cavalier: Not ever.
Stratus: Rental, bulbous.
Alero: Too bland under $20k.
Grand-Am: Plasticky, and see Alero.
Impreza: Barely.
Volkswagen Golf GLS: Hmm. What's this: Quiet? Audi interior? In this class? Wow, lookit all the nice thoughtful touches. Extra wow, I can sleep in here with the seats folded. Omigod, standard ABS and four-wheel discs? Mercedes-like ride, firm handling, good visibility. Nice brakes! Big glovebox. Owner's manual in slick rubber binder. Laser-cut keys. Engine compartment looks great. Nice orange dipstick she'll actually use. Hood struts, no prop rod? CD/Cassette with eight speakers? Best-in-show sunroof controls and lighted visors. Only weakness: old 2.0 liter engine. But wait! She'll never know, especially with all that low-end torque and good mileage. In sum, twice the car of some competitors.
The current Golf speaks for the whole VW line. So does the Jetta, an equally amazing value with athletic poise in any trim. I have no experience with the Touraeg, but if I had the money I'd buy a Phaeton over BMW or Mercedes or even Lexus. There's a value to VW which the driver appreciates.


Bryan Scholtes

Please send a sticker to

P O Box 576305

Modesto CA 95357


My, you do get around this country with your grocery shopping!

Dear Rob,

I started reading your website last winter, and it brought joy to an

otherwise dreary season (I was in Kingston, ON, Canada at the time. It

is currently minus 30 degrees celsius there. I think that is something

like minus 35F.)

I am back in Calgary now, and the weather is freakishly warmer, and I

still like looking at your site. Your travel journals are good times. It

is very interesting to see you becoming a more savvy traveller as time


Anyway, Calgary has a system like the Skyway you loved so much in

Minneapolis (the one here is called the "Plus 15" I think because it is

15 feet off the ground. Ingenious naming scheme!). If you ever come to

Calgary, we should totally hang out on the +15. Definitely plan your

trip for a time when it is minus 40.

Keep on trucking with your fab website. You put all of the merchants of

internet crap to shame.

Zelda P

p.s. I want to see how much is inside backpacks. You know how the big

ones get sold with a designation as to how many liters of space they

contain? I want to know if that is true or not. Maybe with jello.

that is all

gi joe taught me about safety, you taught me that vegemite is a highly concentrated super-food.
I love cockeyed like a fat kid loves cake...
Included are some kickass pic of a syrup chug and a little special cider wink wink...



Great site, I'm heading to Iraq this weekend, I'll miss Cockeyed for a few months.  To remember your site, and in keeping with the latest auction, I won't brush my teeth the entire time I'm gone.  Also, I may try the mirrored parbola myself over there, I'll be sure to get pics.
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