He asked that I move about 100 feet north, to get completely off of the sidewalk associated with his nightclub.

We moved.

It was almost one in the morning when Stacy and Brooke packed up and said goodnight. The creepy factor must have tripled as I stood there alone, but I still had takers.

For a time, a young man stopped to observe the action. He got into the spirit, and at one point dared a dismissive couple to try a mystery shot. "You only live once!"

It. Worked.

They spun on their heels and came back to roll the die.

My final customers left the bars at 2am and wandered past to consider a nightcap. They endulged.

Mystery Shots was a success! An amazing night of courage and trust! We were witness to that moment when a person grabs their own speedo and decides they are ready to cliff-dive. It was beautiful.

Finally, at 2:20am, a police cruiser pulled up. The officers asked if I was serving liquor.

"No, no" I said. "These are just shots of root beer and chocolate milk. No liquor."

Next they asked if this was a one-time thing or if I would be back again regularly.

"One time thing!" I lied.

"Pack it up."

I packed it up.