5'1" height,  120 pounds weight

155 cm height, 54.1 kg weight (8 stone)

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hi there!!

i wanted to add 3 pictures of me. im not sure if you accept them, tho.

oh well, here are the links to my pics:

i am 5'1.



5'1" height, 120 lbs. weight.
hard to believe, isn't it?

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Hi Rob!
I am 5'1" and 120 lbs. Can I get on the chart?

Hello!  I don't know if you are still doing this project, but according to the page I saw my slot is open, so here goes!
My name is Samantha, I am a 22 year old registered nurse.
I am approx. 5' 0.5" and weigh around 122 lbs.
The two photos are the most recent ones I had that I am okay with sharing -
the one with the black dress is from A-KON and the one of me sitting is from a friend's wedding.
 Hope you can use them!  I think this site is so cool!

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