5'3" height,  130 pounds weight

160 cm height, 61 kg weight

Hi Rob, Saw your request for pics of all body types, and it looks like mine is not there yet.
I'm 5'3" and weigh about 135#s.
I'm a SWF, 32yo, own a 1BR condo in San Bruno, CA and have worked for Genentech for 9 years.
That's all I can think of for pertinent personal details.
BTW, Congrats on the Baby (I know it's a little late,
but she is really cute!!) and I love your website.
Your sister, Sue, first turned me on to it when she was working with me at Genentech.
Have a groovy day.
Katie Holt

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not sure if you're still doing this, but for what it is worth here is my picture.

somewhere rural, IL
weight: 125 lbs
height: 5'3"

I love the website idea! 
My height/weight is a duplicate of what you have on the site, but I think my body type is different.

I'm 5'3" & 128 lbs.  Holly Atlanta, Ga.


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