5' 4" height, 180 pounds weight, BMI:31

163 cm height, 82 kg, 13 stone weight

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Hi there,
here is my contribution to what I deem to be a very positive project. Tired of mass media's monopoly on what a body should be like I am really glad there are people like you around. I am sending this to everyone I know. I have a 13 year old daughter and I think this is a great site to share with her.
thank you, Nela Silva
My weight is 180 pounds
and my height is 5' feet 4'' inches, pretty typical so I'm not execting to see my photo on there but again thanks for the project

I'm 5'4'' and here I am at 175 lbs.
- Michelle

Hi! My names Erin and I have some photos for your size chart! They are all attachments in order.

The second photo is from last year. I'm 5'4'', 175lbs and 17 years old. It was spirit week and I was dressed up as Bubbles from the Power Puff girls

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