5' 7" height, 220 pounds weight

170 cm height, 100 kg weight (16 stone)

Here I am. I'm 5 foot 7" tall and I weighed 225 at the time this photo was taken.


-- Jillo

I'm a size 18 in the picture. I do a lot of weight-lifting so it will be interesting to see how I compare with other people my height and weight who don't have my muscle mass.

I've been a big fan of your site for years and I'm glad to finally have something to contribute.

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I would love to be on your chart! I think it's fantastic. =D
My name's R.J., and these were taken shortly after my 19th birthday when I weighed 220lbs at 170cm. I sincerely hope the slot's not been snapped up in the past five minutes!

Good luck with the project.

Im 5' 7" and 220 pounds in North Idaho


I love your project... I've searched for days looking for pictures of people with specific heights and weights (trust me it wasn't easy). I see you don't have any pictures for mine. Unfortunately these aren't the best pics of me but they are my before pictures and who's happy .
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 218 pounds
Thanks and good luck!
     Amy D.

The first picture was taken on Christmas '09 and the second is from a party in January while at school.  In both pictures I am 5'7 and 225lbs, but i'm sending two so you can choose the one you would like to use. Hope this helps!

Taylor H.

Hi there :) I thought I'd add my photo to the project. I'm 29, 5'7, and 220lbs. I run/jog at least an hour daily daily, an I wear a size 16 :).

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