5' 8" height, 140 pounds weight, BMI:21

173 cm height, 64 kg, 10 stone weight

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Spring, Sacramento

She's pregnant with twins.

Your only other 5'8" 140# person says she's pregnant with twins! 
I dont think that's fair. Here is me.
Tacoma, WA June 2009.

John H.

OK here I am. I'm 5'7 1/2 bare feet and 138 lbs naked.

Attached is a picture of me taken by my wife about a year ago. I hope it adds to your endeavor. It's a really good (and informative) resource you're creating. Best, John Bicherl
Portland, ME
5' 7.5" 145 lb.

Hi! I noticed there were no males in my height/weight category on your chart.

I hope this helps. 5' 8" 140 lbs.

Hey, these are pics of me and my sister for your chart. I'm in the vest, and my sister is in the blue.
She is 5ft 8in and weighs 140 pounds.


I notice you have a lot of photos of young people, so here are photos of an older person (me!).
Name: Tag Goulet Age: 52 (when these photos were taken a couple of years ago) Height: 5'8" (about 5'7-3/4") Weight: ranges from 135 to 140 (usually closer to 140)
Good luck with your project!

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