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5' 8" height, 160 pounds weight, BMI:24

173 cm height, 73 kg, 11 stone weight
Jimmy Henderson

5 Ft. 8 Inches - 160 lbs.

This is how i look like mostly.


Meg Galloway
5' 8"
160 lbs.


Hi Rob,
Here's a photo of me -- 5'8" at 160 pounds. I am always surprised at how much people weigh and I'm sure other people are, too. I imagine if I told someone on that I weighed 160 pounds, they would assume I was significantly overweight. This site proves how distorted our (or at least my!) body image views are...thanks Cosmo magazine!
Thanks for this's super cool.

my name is kristin i.
i am 5' 7.5" and weigh 158.

(Dress size 8)

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