NASCAR drive-thru

Without stopping at the pick up window, Lil' Shank flew around the restaurant, with all of us drafting off of him.

Meghan's white Mitsubishi I-rage was specially geared, running at more than 1,200 RPMs in this race.

Meghan was just behind the leader, fearlessly driving with one hand while waving to the crowd.

Meanwhile, love was brewing in pit road. This adorable couple was outside for the duration of the race. Typical that the people in the best seats aren't even watching the race!

My Hyundai pulls through on lap #4. We began to really get into the spirit of the race.

The people inside the restaurant were...confused.

Two gals leaned out of the pick-up window, their faces alternating between smiles and exasperation.

I found out later that they threw ice at Lil' Shank on lap #5.

On lap #6, Lil' Shank threw it back. ROBBY GORDON STYLE!

Around the front of the restaurant, families inside started to stare outside, trying to figure out what was going on. If we had been in New York, someone surely would have said "Only in New York!"

Just before lap #7, Jason (still in the pole position) had to slow to let someone maneuver out of the parking lot. The yellow flag went up and we stacked up behind the leader.

The gap in our circle allowed this burgundy truck to sneak into the line!

Smoke began to billow into the air up as the races spun their tires, anticipating the moment when we all took off racing again.


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June 23, 2006.

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