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Sure enough, in just one day, I had some more information, and five new couch photos:

Rob Harris sent this upside-down couch from near Atlanta.

This Levitra hide-a-bed has been resting upside-down for almost two weeks. 

 It was obviously tagged after it was upended. Let me know if you would like any hair or blood samples from it. I already checked it for Levitra samples. 

I'll let you know if I see any more of 'em in my voyages around town.

-Rob Harris

Tina P. sent this photo from Davis, California

I think I just caught this one before it left for its final resting place. The letters were painted crooked, like a carnival.... kinda wend along with the circustent color scheme of the hideabed.

Tina also wrote that another couch was nearby, but had not been spray-painted.

Mike Rand and Dennis Patterson sent this black one from Torrance, CA. 

We have been unable to identify the source of the spray paint or the model of the fender. We hope this helps your quest for perfect knowledge.


Our Social Studies teacher told me about your site in October and I am your biggest fan!

 I am very excited to finally be able to contribute to one of your mission/adventures! This was near a tiny mall in Lomita, CA.

-Emily O'Neary



Ooooh! Sorry Emily! That couch has been disqualified from this mission/adventure. It may say "Levita" or "Lomita", but it does not say "Levitra". Please use the F7 key to spell check any future submissions. Thank you.

-Rob Cockerham



We have Levitra couches here too. There is a brown one at the outside edge of a private parkway near my house. I think this is a waste of an (almost) perfectly refurbishable couch bed. I hope your website expose doesn't encourage more alley cat couch graffiti.


Awesome, five new couches in one day! Unfortunately, I don't have a lead on what they mean. There are a lot of these, someone has got to have seen something.

My friend Mark Sanford emailed me about this one near the light rail tracks at S Street in Sacramento. I went and got a photo. 

It just so happens that I have a suit made with this same fabric pattern, so you can imagine uncomfortable to see this couch knifed open like this. Perhaps this is some kind of death threat.

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January 21st, 2005.  

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