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A few days after that, Stacy got into a car accident. It wasn't her fault.

In the parking lot at Taco Bell, a woman maneuvering her car in reverse banged into the driver's side door of Stacy's car.

Stacy's door was crushed inward, but luckily, it still worked.

The woman apologized profusely, and gave Stacy all of her insurance information... but she asked that Stacy not contact her insurance company, asking Stacy to simply send her the bill for the repairs.


I should have recommended L & A  Body & Frame in Sacramento, but Stacy took the car to her dealership, who recommended their own body shop. 

It took fifteen minutes for a guy at the body shop to calculate a price for the repairs, more than two thousand dollars.

Stacy called the woman and let her know the total. It was more money than she had expected, but was good to her word and sent Stacy a check for $2,150. That woman had made a small driving error which cost her a great sum of money.

It would be more fun to spend $2,150 on:
A first-class tattoo ($1,000)
a Tivo ($300)
and 41 days of eating all of your meals out ($850).

I was awestruck by the high price of repairing these three minor accidents. I believe the price of body work and paint is artificially high because there is no incentive to shop around for the lowest price. When insurance companies are paying the bill, people choose a body shop based on a reputation for quality and service instead of price.

I pledge to drive carefully, defensively and with close attention, because causing car accidents is one of the most expensive things a person can do.


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June 10th, 2004.  

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