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State Name Taken? City School Name Teacher Name
AL  Alabama no
AK  Alaska no
AZ  Arizona no
AR  Arkansas no
CA  California yes West Covina Rowland Avenue Elementary Mrs. Hempel
CO  Colorado no
CT  Connecticut no
DE  Delaware no
FL  Florida yes Orlando Dr. Philips Elementary Mr. Kratz
GA  Georgia yes Athens Alps Road Elementary Ms.Young
HI  Hawaii no
ID  Idaho yes Meridian River Valley Elementary Mrs. Noel
IL  Illinois yes Chicago Cook School Ms. Barrentine
IN  Indiana yes Munster Hammond Elementary Miss Berg
IA  Iowa no
KS  Kansas no
KY  Kentucky no
LA  Louisiana yes Bastrop Cherry Ridge Elementary Langham
ME  Maine no
MD  Maryland yes Baltimore Mars Estates Elementary Ms. Solomon
MA  Massachusetts yes Amherst Crocker Farm Elementary Mrs. Streeter & Mrs. Howell
MI  Michigan yes Romulus Romulus Elementary Ms. Coffey
MN  Minnesota no
MS  Mississippi no
MO  Missouri no
MT  Montana no
NE  Nebraska no
NV  Nevada no
NH  New Hampshire yes Hillsboro Hillsboro-Deering Elementary Mary Bowers
NJ  New Jersey yes Metuchen Edgar Elementary Miss Rothrock
NM  New Mexico yes Socorro Sarracino Middle School Joleen Welborn
NY  New York yes New York PS 11, (Harris) Jennifer Wells
NC  North Carolina yes Durham Maureen Joy Charter School Portia Owusu
ND  North Dakota no
OH  Ohio no
OK  Oklahoma no
OR  Oregon no
PA  Pennsylvania no
RI  Rhode Island no
SC  South Carolina yes Rebekah Wheeler James Simons Elementary Charleston
SD  South Dakota no
TN  Tennessee no
TX  Texas yes Dallas Lagow Elementary Christy Jenks
UT  Utah no
VT  Vermont no
VA  Virginia no
WA  Washington yes Sammamish Sunny Hills Elementary Miss Velozo
WV  West Virginia no
WI  Wisconsin no
WY  Wyoming no

Eighteen states so far, I am a bit nervous about finding all the states in time.  Contact Rob and sign up!

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