Monster                                                                       February 21, 2004

5 Clock Tower Place

Maynard, MA 01754






            I’m writing to encourage the leadership at Monster to make an important change.


Currently, a company called “Global Online Systems” advertises for a “work at home” position on


This company is recruiting Herbalife distributors, but that information is not revealed until a $39 information packet is purchased.


Herbalife is not a job, it is a small business requiring large up-front investment, offering a meager chance for success.


By allowing groups like “Global Online Systems” and “Home Based Marketing Systems” to post on, luring job-seekers into an Herbalife shell game,  Monster stands to lose its good reputation as a helpful job-finding service.


Enclosed please find 44 letters that I have received from job seekers, disappointed with Global Online Systems and


Thank you very much.






Rob Cockerham