Mousetrap Prank Stickers

Lifelike Oversized Trapped Mouse Stickers!

Bring the magic of an Urban Safari to your home or office with these fun, versatile vinyl stickers.
Printed on transparent low-tack removable vinyl, these trapped mice will blend seamlessly into your surroundings.

Low-tack vinyl has two desirable characteristics. First, it is plastic, which gives it the appearance of a bumper sticker. Second, it has a new style of adhesive on the back, allowing it to be easily removed without leaving residue.



Mouse and trap are immediately recognizable from a long distance. Only slightly less horrible than those glue traps.


Sold in three packs for $5. Shipping included!


Each sticker measures 5 inches by 9 inches.

Transparent sticker looks best against white or light-colored floors, 
walls, whiteboards and toilet-tops.

Try them in the office, storeroom, barn, warehouse, classroom, casemod, grain silo, lab, kitchen, bathtub, crawlspace, International Space Station, drawer or operating theatre.

Not recommended for carpet or dark hardwood floors.

Not a real mouse or trap. Guaranteed disease-free inks.


You may also send your order and $5 to:

Rob Cockerham
P.O. Box 161574
Sacramento, CA 95816

Thank you!

The adhesive is not negatively affected by exposure to the hot summer weather and direct sunlight. The sticker isn't paper, it is vinyl.

Sticks best on smooth surfaces. Sticking a large sticker to rounded surfaces might result in wrinkling. It is also difficult to keep the sticker flat when removing it. The vinyl gets a little stretched, so it would be tough to re-use.

Great for any smooth surface. They are not suitable for exhaust pipes or mufflers. Windshield use is not recommended. 

Shipping $1.50 to Canada, $2.25 to U.K.  Other international orders please write for shipping information.


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