Just in time for Evany's birthday, the perfect way to proclaim your love for this here website: A Cockeyed.com T-shirt!

These sturdy yet elegant white shirts feature a black print of the spring shoes or a proud rooster icon celebrating the pointless exploits of myself and the entire cockeyed.com crew. 

They are professionally printed by my friend Tom at Motion Screen Print in Sacramento.


Available for US$12, the shirts are available in adult small, medium, large and extra-large.

Pictured is Brooke in an adult small.


On the first shirt, below the shoes is the cockeyed.com name, known worldwide for quality imported jams and jellies.
Pictured is Mark in the "victimless pranks" shirt. He is wearing an adult small.

Blue polo shirt sold separately.


To order: Send an email to rob@cockeyed.com with subject "shoe-shirt" or "prank-shirt". Don't forget to include your preferred size and mailing address. Or use paypal.

Proceeds from the sale of these shirts go right into my pocket.

please add US$3 for shipment to Canada, US$7 for shipment to the UK.

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November 30, 2003  

That last t-shirt, the sold out one, that is just a marketing ploy, you know, creating a false impression of supply shortage.