When a few terrorists can use simple weapons to hold off a plane full of passengers, they put everyone's lives at risk. In the interest of safety, I believe that some items should no longer be allowed on commercial aircraft in the United States.

Here is a list of forbidden items, followed by acceptable items.  These lists are for carry on luggage.

Unacceptable Items

nail files
ballpoint pens
vegetable peelers
wine bottle opener, including corkscrew types
can opener
large flashlight (C and D cells)
craft knife
sewing needles
aluminum cans
xacto blades
small knives
duct tape
electrical tape
rope or twine, electrical cord and wire, including headphone wires.
disposable razors
staple removers
box cutters
crab forks
lighters, butane and fluid
campaign pins
dental floss
nylon zip ties
drawing compasses
nail clipper with blade

Acceptable items to carry on

palms and styluses
credit cards
nail clippers without long files
laptop computers
tiny liquor and wine bottles 
safety pins

In addition to the items I recommend leaving in your checked luggage, I also recommend reacting violently to hijackers. Attack before the second sentence leaves the terrorist's mouth. Do not wait. Do not wait for people to be herded into a corner. Attack. Climb on top of the seats. Do not allow yourself to be penned in. Women and men should attack. Kids should attack.

Your acts may get you killed, in fact the entire aircraft may plummet to the earth, killing everyone on board. This is better than allowing the plane to slip into a madman's hands.

Things have changed.

I welcome email regarding these recommendations. 

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