Dale Chihuly came into town on Friday night, March 30, 2001 to give a lecture.

Chihuly has been blowing glass for 35 years, becoming one of America's finest living artists.

Ambur encouraged me to go, and I am sure glad we did.  We actually got to buddy around with the man himself

Here are some samples from his "baskets" exhibition, These 24" bowls are a departure from his recent giant works exhibitions. 


Here are Ambur and I hamming it up behind him as he signs everyone's book.

If you aren't familiar with Chihuly, go to www.chihuly.com and check out his stuff.  Amazon has 32 books for sale about his work, to give you an idea of his stature. 

Here is Julie posing behind him.

Another great one with Julie.

Ambur and Julie compare notes

Ambur is excited about her signed book.

Gratuitous extra Ambur photo.

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