Dijon mustard is to yellow mustard as a Rolls Royce is to your Honda.

A 454 gram bottle sells for $6.99, and that is 5¢ per serving. I don't mustard up both slices of my sandwich bread, so your mileage may vary.

Ketchup isn't often used on sandwiches, but if it were, a 17 gram serving would cost 6¢, assuming you bought a 36 ounce bottle for $3.59

Ok. Mayonnaise and mustard are the cheapest parts of the sandwich. You aren't going to save much money by going without a condiment, but some sandwich lovers prefer them bareback.

Kraft singles are a very inexpensive source of processed "cheese", mostly because they are wafer-thin. Twenty-four slices cost $2.54, or 10.5¢ per slice. It seems a little odd that the cheese might be cheaper than your bread.

I'll measure some real cheese a little later.

Iceberg lettuce is cheap, but a challenge to estimate more accurately than that. I used 14 and a half grams of lettuce on my sample sandwich, which is one 47th of a head of lettuce by weight (2¢).

But not every leaf of the lettuce head is suitable for sandwiches.

I'd guess that 60% of the lettuce wouldn't make it into sandwiches at all, raising the per sandwich lettuce price to 5¢

Adding tomatoes to a sandwich turned out to be surprisingly expensive.

33.8 grams at $2.99 per pound makes for a 22¢ serving.

Substituting ketchup is still a bad idea.

Finally, some processed sandwich meat. This Oscar Mayer Turkey was $2.99 for 16 slices or 18.5¢ cents per slice.

Oscar Mayer Beef bologna was a little more, $3.84 per pound or 24¢ per slice.

And there you are! Bread + Mayo + Mustard + Cheese + Lettuce + Tomato + Turkey + Mayo + Bread = Sandwich and sandwiches cost 95¢!


Or more.


Or less.

Processed meat and cheese is generally cheaper than deli meat and cheese. One of my favorite sandwich meats is roast beef, but it is expensive at about $8.99 per pound.

For example this 1.7 ounce serving (56 grams) of roast beef was 99¢.

Real cheddar cheese blocks are available at about $2.45 per pound. That's 12½¢ for three long slices (23 grams)

Processed turkey from a "Turkey Variety Pack" was $3.50 for 12 or 29¢ a slice.

Sliced salami is was $5.29 per pound or 21¢ for three slices.

$4.69 bacon works out to 58½¢ for two slices.

$1.25 avocados are each good split between four sandwiches: 31¢ each.