DavePops Needs Investors

My friend Dave is making a plea for investors on Kickstarter. I worked with Dave at Blue Moon Printing for four years, and he is a pretty good printing salesman, obsessed with frozen fruit bars.

Dave has been making frozen fruit bars for years. His method has evolved over time, changing fairly slowly, but with one or two triumphant discoveries. One of those discoveries was to use pectin to stabilize the pureed whole fruit, and the other is a double-freezing process.

Unlike most frozen bars, he does not use a dairy base, he uses a fruit base. Because of this, his Dave Pops have a shovelful of flavor in each bite, or lick, if you prefer.


He's got a process that works, but it is too labor intensive, using the wrong equipment to make tiny batches. He is good at supplying his own ice-cream cart, but simply cannot tackle his occasional large orders.

He needs investors. I hope you'll help him.

Thank you.
-Rob Cockerham

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