Some shots were strong!

I considered a couple of booby prize shots, such as vinegar or lemon juice, but I discarded that idea. A shot of vinegar can really ruin your night.

I wonder if Mystery Shots would work in a bar. Would people pay for a mystery shot? I mean, if regular shots are $5, and mystery shots are a bit less, but you don't know if you are getting 99 Bananas or Fireball... would they sell? I think they would!

We did serve chocolate milk, which was occasionally mistaken for a Kaluha drink.

Women were somewhat less likely to partake in a free shot. They were armed with free comments for us:

"Sounds creepy!"

"Sounds dangerous."

"What is it, a roofie-colada?"

Not everyone struggled to weigh the risks. They saw there were three of us offering drinks and figured we couldn't all be murderous psychopaths.

There were times when we were so busy, we would only have two shotglasses full!

A young group.

20th street near K street in Sacramento is a drinking intersection. Each corner has a bar or a nightclub on it.

We checked a few IDs.

After about two hours, the manager at The Depot came out to talk to me. He said he had just been chided by a police officer for letting one of his bartenders sell shots outside on the sidewalk!