NASCAR drivethru

The goal of this mission is to create a continuous loop of cars in the drive-thru, circling many times around the restaurant. We hope to create a "circle of wagons" effect, which, if everyone cooperates, will simply cruise past the menu board and payment window. Once we have established a continuous loop of cars, I think the loop should attempt to speed up, within reason.

There is some evidence that the drive-thru operators are rewarded when their "average car transaction times" are low, which means that we will probably be doing the workers inside a favor, even though we aren't buying anything.

I would like to emphasize safety. This isn't exactly Nascar-dangerous, but a collision will ruin the day.
The target drive-thru is the Carl's Jr. Restaurant at 8395 Folsom Blvd.  This is on Folsom Blvd in the Raley's shopping center with Hollywood Video, near where Jackson Highway splits off of Folsom.

The first few cars in our line will probably have to wait at the menu board for a few minutes while waiting for the drive-thruway to clear.  I suggest asking for an item they do not sell, such as grape soda, buffalo wings or birthday cake. Don't order anything real, because you won't be waiting around to pay, and we don't want to leave them "holding the bag".  Additionally, you shouldn't let on that something funny is going to happen.

There may be a problem with real cars trying to enter our line so that they can use the drive thru. Hopefully, our line will be tight enough that a real customer won't want to break in.