Update! June 17th

This plan is secret. 

The restaurant is TGI Friday's.

This plan is secret.

If you wish to participate, you will need to have a nearby TGI Friday's restaurant. Use the restaurant locator at http://tgifridays.know-where.com/tgifridays/ to see if there is a restaurant near you.

This plan is secret.

Anyone that helps will need to visit TGI Friday's and slip a new menu page into their spill-proof menu-holder. There is no need to remove the old one, you will just be putting the new menu on top of it in its little pocket. There is a 4-5 minute window when the waitress leaves you alone with the menu. That is your window of opportunity. 

The new menu page looks JUST LIKE a page in the current menu, so even if the waiter happens to see the page in your hand, you will be OK. Just pretend you were checking out the binder construction. 

This plan is secret. Please don't tell your friend, unless you swear him to secrecy and you need to borrow his car to get to the restaurant.

Starting July 1, send me an email if you want to help. Subject heading "Spirit".

This plan is secret. Please do not link to this page. If the secret gets out, the plan will fail. Not a lot of effort has been put into on this prank yet, but in the end, there will be plenty of time and effort expended on making the plan work.


This plan is secret.


     --- old notices below ----

May 13.

This plan is secret.

Hello! Thanks for coming back and checking out the plan for a prank this summer.

This plan is secret.

The plan is to replace a page from a menu in a popular national restaurant chain. The restaurant chain offers a fun atmosphere, table service and (most importantly) a spill-proof menu-holder with replaceable paper pages.

This plan is secret.

The new fake menu will not be mean-spirited or crass. It will be realistic.

This plan is secret. Particularly now, at the beginning.

More information on June 15th.