Kids Halloween Candy Code

Growing up in the Bowling Green neighborhood of Sacramento, I was taught how to read and mark houses with the Halloween Candy Code. For kids with an early curfew these codes were invaluable. Once we tagged a house, our peers could use our marks to reap the best full-size chocolate bars while avoiding Chex mix and dried apricots.

Most marks were left in bright chalk at the bottom of the driveway.

Code Symbol Meaning
No one home

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Money or Gift Certificates
Kit Kats
Fruit or Raisins
Werther's Originals
Mean Dog
Full Size Candy Bars
Fun Size Candy Bars
Open Porch Bowl

Parents will take this away
Keep Knocking
Out of Candy, now giving out sauce packets from Taco Bell
Be Scared here for Extra Candy Portion
Ethnic Candy
Baked Goods
Expired or Stale Candy
Generous Portions
Power Bars
Cheek Pincher
Candy Factory Owner/Operator
Toys or Stickers
Miserly Portions
Dark Chocolate

100% Pure Angus Beef
Costume Required

Reese's Pieces

Candy Produced in a factory
which processes Nuts or Nut Oils

Will not Believe the Second Bag
is for your Sick Brother

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Inspiration for this article stolen from a Cabel Sasser tweet.

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October 30, 2008.  

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