Weighing Clothes on the Scale

Forget estimates. These are the actual weights of women and men's clothes

I weighed a bunch of clothes, both men's and women's clothes, and a bunch of other random stuff. Scroll down to see the individual items I weighed.

woman's dress

woman's blazer

woman's workout pants

pair of women's jeans

woman's scarf

woman's shirt

woman's tanktop

woman's shoes flats

shoes woman's heels

woman's running shoes

woman's athletic socks

woman's wool sweater

woman's tights

woman's underwear

Men's Jeans

Men's dress shirt

Men's polo shirt

Men's t-shirt

Men's casual shoes

Men's converse

Men's dress shoes

Men's shorts

Men's sweat socks

Men's dress socks

Men's sweater

Men's swimsuit

Men's boxer briefs

Men's underwear



birthday cake



bolt cutters

bowling ball 12 lbs

bowling ball 14 lbs

used brick


bucket 3 gallon

bucket 5 gallon

burrito 5 layer taco bell

burrito bowl chipotle shell

burrito bowl chipotle

burrito chicken taco bell

chipotle burrito

burrito supreme taco bell

burrito taco bell

burrito wrapper chipotle

car jack

cheeseburger mcdonalds

western bacon cheeseburger

cherry tomato

christmas tree

cup coffee

d batteries

dryer sheet box


extension cord


fire extinguisher

fries carls jr large box

fries carls jr large

fries carls jr small box

fries carls jr small

garlic clove

gateway laptop ma7


glass jar



hp laptop elitebook

laptop power supply

mixed nuts jar


oats can


paint gallon

paper towels

pecan bag



razor scooter

soda can

spare tire

spiderman scooter

staple gun

two by four

wine bottle bogle

wine bottle

wooden stool

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Weight of these items was actually tested. Weight will vary, but these are the actual measurements