Candidates Who May Soon be Elected Pope

With Pope John Paul II in ill health, Catholic officials are eyeing his potential replacements around the world. 

The final decision is made by secret ballot, but before that time comes, many different candidates are considered and given an initial rating based on their personality, drive, conviction and other holy qualities. Here are the candidates and their approximate current standings as of Friday night.


Photo Name

Current Papal Rating


Cardinal Antonio Marķa Rouco Varela

Cardinal Ivan Dias


 Cardinal Roger Etchegaray
Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento
Mel Gibson
Morgan Freeman
Charlton Heston
Oprah Winfrey
The White Bishop
Hans Blix
Gandalf the Grey
Orville Redenbacher
Cardinal Mark Grudzielanek

Gandalf the White
The Guy that keeps losing another loan to DiTech
King Tut
Sean Connery


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April 2nd, 2005.  

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