Nice hand posturing.


Hi, Rob. Long time listener, first time caller.

I work in an intellectual property law firm, so when I ran across your post about TAG and AXE, I knew that it was my duty to investigate this and report back to you. It's the least I can do for the hours of entertainment How Much Is Inside has provided me.

A cursory glance at the records indicates that AXE, owned by Conopco, Inc., was first filed for trademark registration on 31 January 2002, and was first used in commerce on 24 July 2002. TAG, owned by the Gillette Company, was not filed until 14 November 2003. There is no indication in either description of goods as to whether these products make suitable hamburger condiments, however, I am sure both companies would be open to suggestion on this point. Wishing you well,


Hi Rob,
I'm a huge fan of your website and thought I might be able to help on this one. Axe is actually an American version of an English deodorant called Lynx. They use the same packaging and scents, but when they brought it to the US they changed the name. Tag is the real wannabe in this situation. Lynx has been around for at least 8 years in the UK. Maybe you should do an experiment to see who would get ravaged the fastest depending on which spray they wear. I put my money on Axe. It would certainly explain why I married an skinny, british guy.
Hope this helps.

Melissa Horwood


long time reader, first time writer - great site, check in every day for updates, and (better late than never) congratulations on the wedding and new baby =)

just on a related note to TAG vs AXE... in the uk neither exist, however we do have LYNX

look familiar? i guess the uk market just wasn't ready for the in-your-face-ness of AXE, so the name got tamed down, like the teenage mutant "hero" turtles we ended up with, ninja's are too hardcore for the british it seems for interest here's a brief history of LYNX - "coming up with a constant stream of out-there products to give young guys serious pulling power"


we don't have carl's jr either, so i can't really comment on how compatible the two are, but i think it'd be the perfect addition to any fast food

keep up the good work


Axe was released long before Tag. Tag was recently released Proctor and Gamble who took over Gillette.



I'm probably late to the party on this one but...

AXE was almost certainly first. It's been available "overseas" at least as far back as 1994. My boarding school buddies from Saudi and U.A.E. used to bring it back each year. Take this with a grain of salt as my knowledge of personal hygiene and beauty products beyond toothpaste, right guard, and barbasol was extremely limited at the time. I once mistook said friend's Nivea for Noxema. The Nivea and/or ensuing round of ridicule did not help clear up my acne.

Respectfully submitted,


Hey Rob,

Just writing to let you know that Axe (and its British incarnation - Lynx) have been available in Europe since the late 80's or early 90's. I remember 
one or two of the current fragrance on offer here from when I was a teenager in Ireland (about 15 years ago).



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