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..and Money Mart. They are just 95 steps south on 10th street.


For convenient conversion of checks to schnapps, it is tough to beat Cashland on 16th and G streets. Their door is just 11 steps from the door of Don's bottle shop!

E&S check cashing is a little further than that from B&W liquor on Del Paso (14 steps), but their patrons have the added convenience of the Nite Hawk Bar, 23 steps in the other direction.

At this check cashing place on El Camino, I had to ask the gal behind the counter where the nearest liquor store was. She knew: It was a dehydrating 542 steps south to Sunland Liquor.

I didn't get a chance to visit the "Liquor Park in Rear". We'll plan a day trip when the kids are a little older.

On J Street at Dolores, Money Mart check cashing is 118 steps from the liquor store across 36th Street. You'll have to make it past the donut shop next door however, so keep your eye on the prize!

Situated up the road on Mills Park Drive and Folsom Boulevard, Payroll Advance Check Cashing found a home just 16 steps from Cordova Food & Liquor.

I think the pattern is pretty clear. In business school, On "The Apprentice", this highly desireable retail arrangement is called reactive synergy.

Fresh cash-holders are in for a treat when the leave Money Mart check cashing on Folsom at Coloma. A pleasant 32 steps will bring them to the door of Lovely Liquor and Food.

It is an attractive mall, good for an evening stroll on payday. However, you musn't loiter, as that is prohibited by local ordinance.

And finally, you probably guessed the logical conclusion to this line of thinking: A check cashing store within a liquor store. It makes more sense than a cafe inside a bookstore.

Look for Capital Food & Liquor & Check Cashing in the Goethe Center, next to the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance.


I know the odds against you are great, California Check Cashing on Folsom Boulevard between Mather and La Loma. You have an uphill battle. Hang in there. Maybe it is possible to do it yourself, without a wet nurse.

Let that be your motivation: When you succeed, you can look back at all the critics, all the people who said that it couldn't be will have proved them will be the one who blazed the traill, the king of check cashing places!

Just don't start calling yourself a bank.

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September 14th, 2007 

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