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In June, as word spread about the torn-up Credit card application, I got an email. The story is good, and the photos are great!

Check out that final photo!


Nice job on 20/20! I recently completed a year long collection of credit card applications. I have kept track of every offer from April 05 to April 06 and I received 141 of them. I regret not keeping more specific data but I'm attaching a couple of photos and a chart. Feel free to use this material in any manner you wish. 


He sent along the three images on this page. I wrote back for more information:

Ho Crap! That is awesome. Great idea!

I'd love to post a story about it.

How many credit cards do you actually have now, and how old are you, and what city do you live in? And why did you decide to start keeping track? And do you have a shredder?

-Rob Cockerham


I'm 35, live in Princeton Indiana and I currently have only one credit card, it's the "What's in Your Wallet ?" company.

I decided to start keeping track on a whim actually. It seems that getting that first big credit account, in my case buying a home, opened the floodgates of available credit so I just kept all of the incoming applications unopened in a shoe box. My wife finally convinced me that keeping them was a potentially bad idea. I opened them all and tore them into pieces but kept the "This Is Not An Actual Credit Card" cardboard samples as seen in the photo I sent. Anyway in the year I received 141 applications with 100 of them containing the sample credit cards. I regret not keeping more complete records like available interest rates per time of year, frequency of offers from which company etc. I can tell you that I received a substantial portion of the applications in the end of October but again I can't say exactly how many. 

Turns out tearing all of those applications into bits was not the best way to get rid of them especially now that my personal information is being freely given out by the Veterans Administration. Hehe, I need to get a shredder.


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June 30th, 2006  

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