The Curse of the Sith

Here is an extraordinary conversation I had with a buyer on ebay. He had won my Garage Sale auction for a Darth Maul action figure. I've included some photos of the figure that I used in the auction. 

(July 20, 2006)
Congratulations, your item sold! Send an invoice now. 

He paid instantly using paypal. It was $25. I sent the figure a couple of days after he won the auction, and I included a note in the package, letting him know that I hoped he enjoyed the thing than I had.

(August 8th, 2006)
Rob ,you would not belive what I had to go
through to find who you are and when did I buy this figure from you that you
sent in a white with note that said. I - hope you get more enjoyment out of
this guy than I did- I ask all sellers in the instruction box to sent their
Ebay ID name and the EBAY item number in or on the shippment box. Neither 
of these did you do. You didn't even have your name on your mailing ADDRESS on
the box, just your address and my mailing address. NO ebay invoice, no ebay
item number, no ebay .SELLERS ID. The worse of it all pay pal finally gave
me your sellers ID name and when I looked it up, I saw what I was waiting 
on to arrive(A LARGE DARTH MAUL FIGURE THAT LIGHTS UP) . But instead I 
received from you in this small box a OBI-WAN KENOBI figure instead. Ididn't pay for
this thing, I buy Darth mauls right now for my artwork to sale. I need this
asap please. Things do happen . Email me ASAP ROb. C. WHO has my
D.M.?-Seller- PRL

Hey. This is Rob.
How are you? Did you get the Darth Maul? I sent a Darth Maul.

-Rob Cockerham
Stylograph on ebay.

Hi rob , it wasn 't a darth maul that arrived in the small white box you 
sent here. You had to have sent my dathe maul to another person and I 
received theirs. (that just happen to me about a month ago when another 
seller by mistake sent me another ebay buyer his figure and he mine( we 
agree to keep each others figure which I didnt mind) I can send you the 
exact box with the figure you sent me baxk to you and you will see no Large 
Darth maul would fit in to that small box( unless you remove the darth maul 
from it's orginal box). What do you want to do because I really do want the 
D.M. I payed for. Email me back again ASAP. pleaase.

I sent a large box, with an unopened Darth Maul doll. I've attached a photo.
darth maul is black with black and red facial tattoos. I don't collect Star
Wars figures. I only had this one figure, which is marked with a price
sticker from Forbidden Planet in the UK., which I mailed to you.

Rob man this is weird: did you not sedn a note in the box that read -thanks 
Robert-hope you get more enjoyment out of this guy than i did-Rob ? Because this is what was in the box with the 
star wars figure(not a Darth Maul) The only address on the box said: XXX 
Salem Rd. Oxford, MS 38655 .If this is you , that figure is still in this 
white box man. When I receive my orders, I open the box,(hoping thay the 
seller placed a invoice as I always aks them to do), then I grab my copy of 
my ebay order and write the date the box it arrived ( on the box), then I 
look up and write on thie paper work order the date it came in,and the date 
I left them their feedback. Then I go to the next box (if there is one) 
and do the same thing (always) in that order. Email me back so we can solve 
this mystery. Thanks Rob (that is you right(smile)

Yeah, I sent that note with the Darth Maul. What exactly was in the box 
when you got it? Was something else in the box?
There is something missing in this equation.

Yes that was your box(It's still here on my dinning room table with the OBI 
WAN KENOBI figure in it with all our ebay infor. I copied from our emails 
tape to it) Like I saud before Rob. you may have sent your other buyers my 
Large Darth Maul. The Large Darth (in his orginal Star Wars box, measures 
14" x 8" x 8", the box you sent me with your handwriting in and the note 
inside measures 13" x 7 1/2" x 8". I couldn't get thatlarge Darth Maul in 
that box if I even tried( unless it was removed from it's orginal box). So 
Lets figure out what do you want me do dowith this Obi Wan Kenobi figure ok? 
Let me know ASAP before the trail grows cold(smile)------PRL 

So, about this time, I look at this guy's profile on ebay, checking out his feedback on previous auctions. You guessed it. He had bought dozens and dozens of Star Wars figures, mostly from the Darth family. It was immediately obvious to me that he had mixed up my box with one of his near-daily star wars figurine deliveries. I was very relieved to know that there hadn't been a very clever thief at the post office, who had replaced my Darth Maul en route with a Obi Wan.

I think you are confusing my package with another package. I sent a Darth
Maul with a price sticker from Forbidden Planet. If you look closely at all
the Darth Mauls that you have bought, I am certain that you will find it.

I never sent an Obi Wan because I have never, ever owned an Obi Wan, or any
other character besides this one Darth Maul from London, which I sent you.
This is not my error.

I sent Darth Maul.

Do you have a roommate that perhaps switched things, or a helpful brother
who unpacks things and puts them into piles for you? Did you perhaps open
the boxes in the car, where things from one delivery were mingled with the
things from another? I think this is the sort of problem that we are addressing. A mix up at the reception end.

Hi Rob. Tell methis, did you or are you the person that wrote a note in side 
this box I received that reads-THANKS ROBERT---I HOPE YOU GET MORE ENJOYMENT 
is ths same box that the figure came in (still in this box under my desk).I 
have a system when i do ebay bids. 1). I photo copy the page I am 
bidding,write the last three numbers on the top right hand corner,and file 
the paper in the slot with according to the 
numbers(0-200.201-300,301-400,401-500, etc).When I receive my shippment, I 
write on the box the date it arrived. ( I do this incase Ihave other matters 
to do, and may not have the time to deal with ebay things right away). I do 
not even open another box until I do this. 2). When I do get to openning 
the box,the first thing I look for is a eBay item number in or on the box
(this is why I always ask for ebay invoice number).I then look for the last 
three numbers and go to my file and pull up the last 3 #'s that match that 
invoice. I then write on that paper the date it arrived. Then I read any 
email I wrote and all what any sellers wrote to me, and right away leave a 
feedback .acording to the fairness, and the invioce insructions followed 
that I requested of the sellers. I then write the date I left a feedback 
under the other dates on that item page. I place that paper into a clear 
binder in the order of the biddings ending date,where I can see the item 
and flip the binder over,see the pay pal invoice. Then I go to the next box 
and repeat the same thing. No, I do not have anyone here but my 
girlfriend(who is about ready to kick me and my star wars out the 
window(smile) Before I throw the boxes away, I then cut all and any of the 
names off the box (so tenents won't know who or what person has what what 
from which apartment bldg. (This white box only had a mailling address,with 
no name or ebay item nimber in or on the box). Well that is it Rob,I buy 
alot of the same ole figures,and I can say this , the figure sent to me in 
that box is still there,and it is not the large darth maul I requested 
(too small of a box ( this is the box with the note I told you about in it). 
6Did someone on your end switch on you(smile). Email me back please.(thanks 
for always emailing me back too).--=PRL

Hello. I sent a note like that, but not in a small box. It was a big box, and I don't think the box was white. I think it 
was a used brown box. Also, I live in Sacramento, California, which is where I shipped Darth Maul to you from.

-Rob Cockerham

Guess who Rob?.can you just anwser me this one question was it your note in 
the box that i read out to you on a white paper placed in a white box with 
a address on it reads-XXX salem Rd.-Oxford,MS. 38655-------and paid $6.05 

Rob you have to get ahold of me.plaease about this matter. Was that your box 
with the note in it? ----PRL

I live in Sacramento, CA. 95816.
The note about "hope this brings you more joy than it did me" (or something like that) is from me.

(August 21, 2006)
This is PRL. You have emailed me in a long time about the mixup. I have never did this before but if you need some kind of proff the the item you ssid you did send me never could fit into the box(your box) you send the other item(obi-won) in. I would like to hear from you. I sent you the measurements of the box. If you say this isn't your obi-won,then some person is sending me an obi-one in a box with a note in it with your handwriting, and using your address. Help me out 
here (I'm no Colombo)I am just baffeled on how a 14inch by 8 inch by 8 inch large darth maul figure into your 13 inch by 7 1/2 inch by 8 inch box (your box). Email me ASAP. I keep records of all our tranactions(photo copy). ----PRL

I have never owned an Obi Wan Kenobi figure. I only owned and sold a Darth Maul, so I could not have mailed you the wrong guy. You are saying that I mailed you something that I don't own, and I have never owned.
How could the box have the wrong figure inside?

I bought ONE figure in London: Darth Maul. Nothing else, no dolls, no figures, no nothing.

He has a forbidden planet price tag on the box.

There is no Obi Wan Kenobi figure. I couldn't have mixed up the packages, because I didn't own, or sell Obi Wan, or any other figures.

I packed Darth Maul in a cardboard box with a note that said "I hope you get more enjoyment out of him than I did" and shipped him to you. The cardboard box was a little larger than the black Darth Maul box that I shipped. I used some plastic and cardboard to make sure the black Darth Maul box didn't slide around inside the cardboard box.


(October 20th, 2006)
Hi Rob: I have found your DARTH MAUL ( It did have the words forbidden planet on it too) I had to restock all of my figures and wrote all the serial numbers of each figure down for a better record keeping.Then i came across this one box that had the words F.Planet on it. Well I gonna take my foot out my mouth now so I can say face to face,YOU WHERE RIGHTTTTTTTTT(almost choked). 


Can you believe that? He figured it out, in part because of that goofy serial number they put on those packages. Case Closed!


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