The Gold Kit Surprise - Recycling Gold Trash

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Nine days later, my wife called me at work.

A letter had arrived with the words "Payment Enclosed/Incluye Pago" on the front.

Wha? Payment?

Inside was a short explanation of the payment schedule, detailing how every single thing that is precious or valuable is actually worthless.

It was a laundry list of reasons that they couldn't give you any money for your stuff:

  • Many items appear to be gold, but they are not.
  • Fashion watches have no value and are reimbursed accordingly as a disposable item
  • Small colored stones (also known as gems) have no technical market value.
  • Small diamonds (contrary to everything you've every learned in your whole life) have very little value.

But there, after all that buildup, at the bottom of the letter, was my payment!

A real check for $1.01!

Incredible! They really do pay cash for gold, and not just real gold... any gold at all!

Next time you see the ad, give them a call and get the gold kit. Isn't there something gold you can send them?

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April 8 , 2008.  

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