The Missing Ipod Nano    


Giordan's Ipod is missing.

It is very small, and black. It is engraved on the back with his name "Giordan Jenkins".

It has a bunch of songs on it. They rock.

It was taken from his house, during a party in Chico, California on March 21st.

If you see it, please let me know, and I'll help get it back to Giordan ASAP.

Thank you.

Rob Cockerham


Ok, this is really embarrassing, but I had Giordan's name spelled wrong. It is Giordan.

That is actually even better, because this makes the engraved back even more distinct.

Also, I've decided to offer a $10 reward for information leading to the recovery of this Ipod.


Furthermore, I should mention that the Ipod is the 4GB model


So far, I don't have a single lead. Does anyone that reads this website attend Chico State? How about the Apple Music Store, can they tell if anyone is buying songs for Giordan's Ipod?


Ok. Well, the leads haven't been too great so far. I did have a couple of ideas:

1) I will increase the reward by offering a Sweatshirt, size medium.


2) I could compile and release a list of all the phone numbers in Chico, California. Then I could organize a large phone survey to grill the residents of Chico for information about the missing ipod.


canada 5 front

Another Update.

Well, I received a note that there was a FOUND ipod in the Chico police blotter, but unfortunately, it turned out to not be Giordan's missing ipod. I definitely had hope for a few hours.

I've also left a note on craigslist in Chico, which should remain current on their boards for a month.

I've also decided to increase the reward by $5.


canada 5 back


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April 9, 2006  

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