Lower Back Tattoos Now Available at Toys R Us


Great news to all you kids out there, and just in time for spring break!

No longer will you have to hitchhike out to a sketchy part of town to get your lower back tattoo... they are at Toys R Us!

Stacy and I spotted this vending machine in the Sacramento toy store entryway. The Arden store.

Lower back tattoos are 50 cents each, tucked in between the Hannah Montana stickers and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers. You can choose a butterfly, roses, a fairy, or other tasteful designs.

Bring exact change, just like you might use for the cigarette vending machine or that one in the truckstop restroom.

This six-way sticker machine is new, replacing an old three-canister gum machine.

I am so happy they took out that chewing gum machine. Gum chewing makes you look so trashy!

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March 27, 2008.  

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