Your Favorite Television Network


In early October, 2005, I conducted a survey, asking for readers' favorite Television Networks.

Congratulations to Comedy Central! Named most often as a reader's favorite television network!

I was most surprised by the 8% of respondents who called the Food Network their favorite. This was the third highest response, beat only by FOX (10%) and Comedy Central (11%). The Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network and ABC rounded out the top six.

No one selected the Golf or Disney Channel as their favorite.

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NTV, its Russian.
ABC, With the A Standing for Australian
Comedy Central
The Prisoner
The Comedy Channel, Aussie cable channel kicks ass.
ABC, Nothing's better than a chick in a pink wig who can kick butt.
Fox, no more reality shows anymore! Also 24 and the Simpsons!
Discovery Channel, Those mythbuster guys are badass.
Fox for Simpsons and Family Guy, both are of the complete opposite views than Fox's horrible news.
Fox. Family Guy is the only show I watch.
ABC, the LOST network
TNT, It shows on re-run the shows I'm interested in watching. Law-Order, Charmed, Angle.
Fox, Family Guy, American Dad, House, Prison Break!
BBC, Top quality Royally-endorsed TV!!!
Cartoon Network
History Channel,  War Channel! War Channel! War Channel!
comedy central, Go Daily Show! 
ZDTV/TechTV, Some of the best progams that will be greatly missed after being raped by G4.
Channel 5 (UK), Lara Lewington! The greatest weather presenter on the planet earth!
Discovery Channel, this network has yet to let me down. They always have a great block of unique programs you can't see on other channels.
From programs about crime investigations to Monster Garage and shows about blowing stuff up. D.C.

has always provided me with something interesting to watch, and they keep the ads down to a minimal number.
If I had to choose, I'd say the History International channel.
Comedy Central
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
DISCOVERY; Mythbusters
FOX,Sunday Nights!
PBS, Nature, Nova, Red Green show, Monarch of the Glen.
FX Network, The Shield, Rescue Me.
Discovery, Mythbusters and Monster Garage....can't beat them
I have a few faves - I always check them out.
NESN: Red Sox
Fox: Simpsons, Family Guy, Arrested Development, American Dad
usenet; what I want to watch when I want to watch (if it can be watched...err, downloaded)
Fox, only because of House M.D. and 24--there is no other reason to watch their channel
FX (aka FOX for adults)
Cartoon Network, but only for Adult Swim.
UPN, only for the show Maximum Exposure, damn Commies!
Comedy Central, Dane Cook: SUCK MY BACK!!!!
I guess Fox is my favorite network since they have the Simpsons, Seinfeld reruns, 24, American Idol, and baseball,

all of which are pretty much the only things I watch.
FOX - Arrested Development!
CTV. It picks up shows from different networks and airs them in Canada,

then rubs it in our faced when it decides not to air the next season.

Like Veronica Mars.  WHO WAS AT THE DOOR ARGH?
Comedy Central
TV Land, Since I'm not actually old enough to remember those shows the first time around, they're new to me.
Espn, This is Sport's Center!
ABC, Lost, Lost, 4 8 15 16 23 42
Sci-Fi, Cheesy movies!
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, In general no particular loyalty to a network, but I like the late night cartoons on CartoonNetwork/Adult Swim
The is a channel called the Games and Sports network, Nick GAS. It's put on by nickelodeon.

All they do is play old episodes of double dare and The very old Sk8 tv( hosted by a very young Matthew lilard. 
The Playboy Channel
FoodTv, Mostly Good Eats and that sexy bitch rachel ray!
discovery channel HD 
PBS.  Hands on history!  Manor House, 1900's House, etc, etc.
Comedy Central, The Daily Show, baby! The only show I will go out of my way to watch.
comedy central, i want more stella!
History Channel
A&E....  Dog the Bounty Hunter!!!!
Food Network
INet,Best place to get news, entertainment, and cockeyed pranks.  IE: I don't watch much TV
Food Network. Very high programming-to-crap ratio.  Most delicious-looking commercials ever.
Sky Sports 1
ABC, you know damn well it's for Lost.
The Food Network. Porn for fat people!
USA: as a past X-Files fan, I find the 4400 to be highly enjoyable
Cartoon Network
Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Regis! Regis! regis!
BBC, Long live the Empire!
Animal Planet
Sci-Fi Channel, Never get tired of sea monsters eating b-list actors.
The Internet - Cockeyed
NGC, National Geographic Channel.  Why?  The monkeys are catching up with us, and I want to see how long it will be

before de-evolution takes place.
Animal Planet, Particularly any of the "Animal Cops" type shows that showcase humane associations rescuing animals)
Food Network
Spike, CSI...all day, every day!
Comedy Central, Daily Show
WB and FX, To be honest, I have no favorite network. I like TV shows across many networks. For example, Veronica Mars on UPN

(though UPN can be considered my least favorite network), Smallville on WB, Lost on ABC, 24 on Fox, The Sheild on FX...
I suppose I'd have to list WB as my favorite. However, these channels are all diffrent across the nation.

Its along the lines of WB being my favorite local affiliate. The National Network only comes into play during prime time.

(7-11pm, or the more narrow 8-10pm)
I'm a Broadcast Student in NYC so these things are a tad less simple forme to answer. :-D
Additionally, a cable channel cant really be called a network because they arent networks.

Its a singular channel being carried on a cable system.
A network is a group of "affiliates" that carry similar programing.
FOX, Sunday NFL games
Cartoon Network, [Adult Swim]
PBS, No Advertising!
History Channel, Modern Marvels
discovery, mythbusters
IFC, Mmmmmm tasty independent film
WB for Gilmore girls, One Tree Hill and Reba!!
Cartoon Network, Last good channel
ABC, Lost doesn't suck yet
Nicktoons, I love cartoons and if I'm vegging, Nicktoons generally has something I can handle watching.

They don't show the crappy live action stuff geared towards pre teens, that the other Nick channels

offer and they play a lot of my older favorites like Invader Zim and The Angry Beavers (not a porn, I swear). 
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network, Can't go wrong with cartoons (Though Comedy Central is a good second choice)
Cartoon Network
Fox, its about the only thing I watch
Different channels, different nights:
Sunday 7-9 Fox (King of the Hill, Simpsons)...
ABC, home of two favorite shows Alias and Lost!!
Comedy Central, NBC, TBS
Food Network Allez Cuisine!
Bit Torrent is a kind of network...
NBC, Friends (formerly,) ER, Jay Leno, Law & Order, Saturday Night Live
CBC. Because I'm a good Canadian. And I can't afford cable.
Discovery Channel!!!!!
HGTV, because I love to hate people with better houses than mine.
Cartoon Network.  Yay Samurai Jack.
Fox, Simpsons; News
obviously the CARTOON NETWORK
National Geographic
ABC - Lost!!!
Food Network, I just can't get enough Alton Brown
Fox: Despite obvious political bias (fair and balanced, anyone?) have to love adventurous non-laugh

tracked comedies like Arrested Development,

Family Guy, House...
HBO - Because Censorship is for Wimps and Commies
BBC (not BBC America)
TLC, Because they Traded Places While I Was Out making a Clean Sweep in the Junkyard Wars
Weather Channel,  The weather babes are dreamy.
comedy central
Fox, It has both Family Guy and Arrested Development! How ARE you?!
Discovery channel, How stuffs made followed up by mythbusters. great stuff
TV Japan

Food TV

Food Network - Good Eats with Alton Brown!!!!!
I'm in Canada, so you probably don't get most of these channels:
Discovery Channel, for non-fiction entertainment
CBC, for news and comedy
TV Ontario (TVO), for general drama/documentary/comedy goodness
Space Channel, so I never have to stop watching Star Trek.
TeleLatino (TLN), for free softcore porn, with a real story.
Comedy Central
Fox, They used to have funny shows way back when, like the Simpsons, Futurama, Married with Children, etc., and they all poked fun at it.
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart=Hilarious
Comedy Central or IFN
FoxNews! You've been outfoxxed!
Oxygen, nothing beats a 70 year-old woman giving sex advice
TBS Superstation, Whenever watching the Superstation on a weekend while nursing a hangover, it is fun to pay attention to the fact

 that every movie has a tertiary character actor in it from the previous movie that they played...
e.g., Abe Vigoda appears in two films in a row, the second one also having Colm Meaney who appears in the third subsequent film.
Comedy Central, The Daily Show Rocks!
PBS, Liberal Elite!!!
Comedy Central
Comedy Central
Sci Fi channel!!! Can't beat Sci Fi Friday!
Cartoon Network! Futurama! Futurama! 
Link TV
Cinemax, no better late night "programming" to be found.
Fox, Family Guy and Arrested Development are the only shows I really watch... now that Full House is off the air :)
PBS or Toon
Comedy Central
the food network
NBC, only b/c they happen to have Law & Order, Conan O'Brien, and SNL.

Although I was dissapointed to find, upon moving to the Pacific Time Zone, that Conan doesn't come on until 12:30 in the effing night.  Come on!
Fox Soccer Channel
BBC America
Food Network
Adult Swim, (technically, it's a network)
Discovery Channel
NBC,  I watch the KCRA 6am news solely for Deirdre Fitzpatrick.  :)
Food Network, it's Saturday morning cartoons for grownups
Food Network: Good Eats is the best show ever
FOX, As much as I hate it for cancelling some fantastic shows (Futurama, John Doe), it has ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

(which can of course be seen MONDAY nights at 8:00), Prison Break, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and Family Guy (and fine, American Idol).
Comedy Central
MTV, Real World & Stuff
The Discovery Channel, Dirty Jobs
ABC, but strictly because of Lost
Sci-fi, 'nuff said
Don't watch broadcast television at all. 
G4, Television for Gamers!
The Food Network. Mmmmmmmmm, food network.
Nick GAS
Logo, about damn time we got a channel for us!
FOX...They have been providing us with such quality shows as "The Simpsons"  while even allowing self-depricating comments

aimed at the network in good humor.

(Ex. Fox's satellite is portrayed as a few balloons holding up a battered box on one Simpson's episode)

Also, Fox can admit when they're wrong, such as the whole "Let's cancel Family Guy

because it's way too risque in today's innocent world, oh wait DVD sales are off the charts, we made a mistake and here's Family Guy season

four" debocle.
Ooh, and Prison Break.  I love Prison Break.  I also forgive Fox for American Idol.  That show can go fall into a deep hole.
FX, Over There
Speed Channel
PBS.  I don't have cable, just pirated cable.  PBS is by far the most reliably entertaining and

informative network.  (But I don't contribute)... suckers.
Discovery Channel
PBS. Because they pay me to sit there all day and watch TV, and occationaly push buttons so they glow.
Playboy Channel
Telemundo! Ola, Como Esta?
None, refuse to watch TV.
Comedy Central
The WB, Beauty & the Geek!
Sci-Fi channel
Cartoon network
Trio, Pop! Culture! TV!
cartoon network, adult swim 
USA!  The finest in poorly-scripted made for TV fare and home to the WWE!  
The Cartoon Network is my favorite channel.  I do not have cable though, so I never watch it.
WTTW 11, Chicago's PBS station. There are tons of good shows regular networks wouldn't even consider.
Food Network, everyone's gotta eat!
Comedy Central, Daily Show and South Park
SCIFI, Stargate Atlantis
Comedy Central - All about the Daily Show
TSN, it's in Canada baby
Discovery Channel
fx, They sometimes us the f-word or show a butt.
PBS. Regis! Regis! Regis!
Discovery Channel, MythBusters, and Going Tribal.
NBC.  I don't watch any more than two shows on any given network, but in addition to having two shows I rarely miss

("The West Wing" and "The Apprentice"),
they have the most shows that I would like to watch if I had the time or TiVo.
Also, I think they cultivate a more sophisticated image.
Showtime, Weeds
NBC, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: CI
Comedy Central, South Park, Stand-up, etc.
Comedy Central
When I was a kid, I was all about Nickelodeon.  I am still all for themed TV stations in general:

Nickelodeon is still close to my heart (though not as much so), The Disney Channel, HBO, TV Land, etc.
HBO, Curb, Sopranos, 6 Feet Under, etc
UPN, they gots the black programming ya wigger.
History Channel
Discovery, Mythbusters yo!
Showtime, with the exception of Queer as Folk and The L Word, I think 2 gay shows is kinda overkill, I love all their other shows.
HBO. my hero Larry David
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
discovery channel
IFC, Commercial-free indie movies for basic cable!
Comedy Central, Friday night stand up. 
I have probably watched Fox (Channel 11) the most but I don't know if its my favorite or that I have any

allegiance to it. Its just that I have spent too much time watching the Simpsons.....DOH!!!!
Spike.Ultimate Fighter. Nuff Said
Comedy Central, funny!
Discovery Channel
TNT - who can't watch another ep of L&O?
FOOD - Iron Chef!
HGTV - Obsessed w/ designed to sell
Cartoon Network, Fox, FX
YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) Network, GO YANKEES!!!
None, I don't watch TV.  
TechTV before it became G4
PBS.  Love the concerts and Nature episodes.
FOOD NETWORK!, s;dlfkfjas;dlkfj good eats.
Fox: Arrested Development, Simpsons, Family Guy, Seinfeld reruns, and the fact that all of those shows

are offensive to another part of the same

Discovery Channel.  You learn something new everyday.
Comedy Central, especially The Daily Show
Comedy Central
Court TV, Forensic Files.
FOOD NETWORK.. IRON CHEF (the original.. 'nuff said!)
tv land, but none of that "new classics" junk!
History Channel
Bravo, I can spend all day watching Bravo and see everything from James Lipton to gay men to Bobby Brown to gay men to crazy parents

and even gay men with showdogs!
PBS -- Jim Lehrer is a dreamboat
BBC America, the british are just so much funnier than us.
Cartoon Network/Boomerang, there's always something good on
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart only! Go to free broadcast TV John so I can cancel my cable subscription!
Fox, Fox rox my sox but not my spelling.
FOX for the simpsons only, PBS if i feel like i ought to be improving myself. for some reason there is some vestigial loyalty for NBC

from when i was younger (i guess from seinfield?) and that being the station my folks watched the news on.
ABC, As long as they keep up the J.J. Abrams' shows, they're my favorite
HBO, Nudity, cursing, and no commercials!
TRIO, Classic David Letterman.  Nuff said.
Anything but FX, as they changed from 2 hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every morning from 7:00 AM to 9:00AM to just one hour.  Bastards.  
None, I don't even have a TV!
FX, Like Fox but good!
Fox (sadly), Arrested Development, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Baseball playoffs.
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart Hubba Hubba!
Cartoon Network
NBC, for News
anything others for shows
comedy central
History Channel, First
SpikeTV, Second (MXC and CSI reruns)
TNT, Third (Law and Order all day every day)
comedy central, Jon Stewart
Food Network, Alton Brown!  Alton Brown!  Alton Brown!
BBC America
Comedy Central, I watched it before it was cool.
FOX, funny! funny!
FOX,  Family Guy and 24 and Arrested Development rule
TBS, Seinfeld and Friends reruns.  Although I'm not a big fan of how much they edit the movies.
Comedy Central, Stella! Stella! Stella!
Food Network, the only channel you can leave on all day without the embarrasement.
Comedy Central
Bravo! Homo!
NBC, Law and Order!! 3 kinds!! Woot!
Discovery, Food Network, Fox
Cartoon Network
HGTV, top choice followed by Food Network (Food Porn)
Pay Per View, Porn! Porn! Pork!
Discovery Channels (including all the other channels Discovery owns)
Bravo, cause they take the good episodes of shows before they jump the shark.

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