The Very Well Linked Story

I have an idea that I would like some help with. I wrote a short story, and I want to post the story here on To make it something special, I'd like to create a link from each word in the story. For example, I'd like the first four words "It", "was", "a", and "dark", to link to four different web pages.

I've reserved the most interesting nine words for sale at auction, but the rest of the words are free and up for grabs.

To help organize the links for all of these words, I'm using Google's relatively new "Docs and Spreadsheets" web application. Please visit to view the list of words. There are 535 available.

Please choose one of the available words in the second column and type a URL into the "link" column. One link per person, please. These 544 words are the ones in the story. Please don't attempt to add words or change the words, just add a link.

For you to edit this spreadsheet, I have to mark you as a collaborator with your email address. 

Please leave your email address in the box below (this input will only be viewable by me). I'll put your email address on the list as a collaborator, and we will work together on this spreadsheet to get a link assigned to all of these words. First come, first served.

One link per person, please. Don't overwrite other people's links. 
Enter your email address to be added as a link-contributing collaborator.


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February 23, 2007 

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