Part Two - Alicia's Story

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First of all, I have to thank Steven Fuller for delivering more photos of Alicia at UCLA.

Now onto more recent findings. Jeff wrote to let me know what he came up with while researching the Alicia phenomenon.

After reading your article "Unsolicited Commercial Love Story" I decided to put on my stalker pants and find out Alicia's true identity.

While searching Elitemate's website I found her featured prominently in numerous places, but was unable to find out anything about who
anyone on the site actually is. The best I could find was the page that contained all of their ads. One of the ads with Alicia was in a
folder labeled "jenny". It would seem that I was making progress. I decided to send them an e-mail from my stalker alter-ego "Bob

From: Bob Sodexho []
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 2:51 PM
Subject: One of your models

I was wondering if you could give me the name and
professional web site of the woman in this ad.

I have seen her in ads for a variety of companies and
products wearing that very same outfit, and I have
beco me curious as to her identity.



And the response.

Hi Bob,

She is a stock photography model at We
do not know her personally. This is the best we can do for you.

Have a great day!

EliteMate Support Team
Where Singles Meet
We Simplify Socializing

It would seem that Alicia and her "boyfriend" are part of an internet
photo prostitution ring. The "client" pays a flat
subscription rate and can use any of the many pictures in almost any
way without paying royalties.

I have not contacted to get Alicia's true identity, mainly
because I can't think of a convincing story to tell them that would
even have a shot of getting them to tell me anything, and using the
truth takes the fun out of it.

On an unrelated note, I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work.

~~Jeff Conway

Shiela also wrote to help with the Alicia search.



I want to help unravel the charade Alicia has been trying to lead us to believe. You are the mastermind behind putting her story together.  

I found this link that might be of help.  The outcome of her fate rests in your hands. I put my trust in you, mighty Rob Cockerham



I am sure there are more pictures of her on this site, we just have to find them.

do you what you will with this info. i am looking forward to it.


Robin saw her in the Atlanta weekly, "Creative Loafing".


love your site, always fun. i found this picture of the "love story" girl in Creative Loafing an atlanta weekly paper. she must not be pregnant since she's drinking though she does seem to have patched things up with her first boyfriend.  i hope she's finally happy.

          -robin h.


I believe Alicia is getting herself into the high-end world of portable video technology. Check out this spiffy little portable DVD player floating aimlessly in space above Alicia's hip. At first one might assume this is an ad for either deodorant (note the pit-sniffing stance) or swimwear for an upscale poolside romp... however upon actually reading the words (it's tough with her beauty RIGHT THERE in your face), I see that the mysterious floating DVD Player is there for a reason. Alicia wants you to have it for free! What a giver our girl is! 

Thought you'd be excited to see she's working again.

A fellow fan,



That is not Alicia!

Upon further review... I see the difference. The ears are way off and the forehead isn't sloped the same. My bad. This must be her sister Jasmina.

She is also on That is a modified image 9780237.

Kerry also wrote.

Hey there!  I have been searching for our recently-pregnant friend "Alicia" since reading her dramatic and sometimes heart-wrenching story on your site.  I believe I have found her!  It seems she has dyed her hair to disguise her identity, but this is definitely her - look at her adorable Cabbage Patch Kid nose, her slightly slanted eyes, and that unmistakable smile-crease on the right side (your left) of her face.  She has lost the dress (and probably the figure to go with it) during her pregnancy, but she certainly looks happy enough.  She is into vitamins now; seems motherhood has grounded her.  And look at her demure scoop-neck shirt... in white, no less!  She has likely returned to her Christian faith, and we can only hope that Deadbeat Dad will send her some money soon, so she can stop pimping herself online and spend some quality time with their child.
Hanahan, SC

Geez, Kerry, I don't think so. Hard to say though. Thank you.



I just wanted you to know that the woman in all the photos is the same. She has no twin, at least not one

interested in invading the internet. Her wrist with a watch tan line switches from photo to photo, they are

just flipped. Man, I need to get a life.



 Shawna Nelson, Jeanne Francis, AJ, Ankesh Kothari and many other people found this one on a pop-up ad.


Looks like Alicia had to go on a diet after her recent pregnancy.  Poor girl, I know how she feels. 

Shauna Nelson
Vancouver, WA

A note from the FTC: Skin Patches Do Not Cause Weight Loss


Hi Rob,

I recently sighted Alicia on a banner in Hotmail. Apparently she's moved to Canada and is living the single life again.  And she may or may not be a man now, according to her profile.


Joe wrote from New Mexico. Alicia and her beau appeared in this ad for Westbrook Homes:

I had just finished my workout at the gym and decided to browse through an 
abandoned newspaper. While looking through the real estate section, I came 
across Alicia and Maurice! It appears that she and Maurice have gotten back 
together (perhaps he is the father of her child?) and moved to my town: Las 
Cruces, New Mexico. I'd have to say that having such famous people move 
into a Westbrook Home would certainly help with "Building Better 

I'm really hoping I bump into them at the supermarket or some place. I'll 
let you know if I do.


I don't remember who sent this one.

Eric wrote about this newspaper ad:

Hey Rob,

I was thumbing through "The College Times" in Phoenix, when I happened upon the girl in the 'Unsolicited Romance Story'. Apparently she's flaunting her wares for a bar called McDuffy's in Tempe. I've been following her exploits through you, and thought you'd get a kick out of this. Sorry the scan is crappy, it's from a newspaper. I'll send you the paper, or a higher quality scan, if you'd like.

Your self-appointed Phoenix correspondent,

 Gerad Housley and Rob also wrote:

Hey Rob! I was looking at cars at when I was greeted by Alicia:


Heyo Rob.
If you're still interested in the activities of Alicia, I think she's back on the dating scene.  I saw her in an ad running on
Rob (not you)

Lauren Groff noticed that Alicia and Maurice were moving to Sacramento!

Hello Rob,
Please see the scan from page 6 of this week's Sac News and Review...they've moved up north!



M.E., Celina Peterson, Mike D., Travis Rice and many other people sent in this photo, which is the same photo as the one in the Sacramento Mortgage, Inc. ad above, except a patch image has been added to the image.

Alicia from Love Story is now selling diet patches...

thought you might be surprised!

M. E. Weisman

This is image # 9779256




Chris Shaffer and Kelly Moran spotted this ad in the Dallas Morning News.


It looks like Alicia has gotten a job at Dominos. I know it's tough for a single mother to take care of the new baby, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.



Pavel wrote:

Yup, here's a flyer I got in my mailbox. I nearly tossed it out when I noticed the chick was hot... I mean, uh, familiar! Yes, that's the word. Anyway, don't know what girls in skin-tight dresses have to do with Pizza, but Little Caesar's "$5 for a large" is a much better deal.

Unless Alicia comes with the pizza. Or better yet, two of her.


p.s. - Love the website!


Scott Stone wrote too:


    I got an exciting update for the love story, it seems as though Alicia has chosen her party affiliation.  I was checking out a website that they talked about on Air America for democratic singles, and she's right on the front page!
Scott Stone


With 23 pictures of someone's life, it seemed like I knew everything about Alicia. But it wasn't until she wrote me an email, that I really found out who she was.

Unbelievable! Please continue and read the email from Alicia.


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